Case Study: Apparel

Top fashion brand partners with Callzilla to provide holiday customer service & support Summary An e-commerce apparel retailer tapped us for extra help during the holiday rush. In just 60 days, we outperformed their existing outsourced contact center on QA scores and other metrics. QA scores rising 1-2% month over month Average handle time decreased from 10 minutes to 7 minutes in 60 days Client expanded role to handle 2 more languages and 2 more channels A major apparel/fashion brand [...]

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Case Study: Multimedia

Retailer outsources technical support to Callzilla; FCR rises 20%, CPC drops 25% Summary An online retailer of CDs, DVDs and books added Callzilla to its roster of two existing contact centers to provide outsourced customer care. Callzilla outperformed the other two centers, resulting in one being eliminated. The client also expanded Callzilla's role by adding live chat services to scope. First contact resolution rose from 76% to 91% in 90 days Cost per call decreased by 25% in 90 days Expanded channels [...]

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A ‘Cheap’ Contact Center Will Cost Plenty In the Long Run

Last week at a telecom trade show, I was amazed to hear what people were saying about the cost of their outsourced contact center operations, and what they get for the money. One company representative told me, “You will never beat what I am paying for in my Indian and Philippines call centers!” When he named the price, I saw right away the kind of bad deal he had. I responded that Callzilla's up-front price may be higher, "but your overall cost will be substantially lower. I guarantee it! Here’s why….” I explained that even [...]

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Callzilla at SOCAP Indy 2022

The Great Place to Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience. Because employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, this Certification helps job seekers distinguish which companies genuinely offer a great company culture. […]

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