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Florida-based Callzilla is a full-service outsourced contact center and BPO serving US and European enterprises.

Clients hire us to handle their inbound customer communications, manage back office processes, and/or conduct outreach.

Callzilla surpasses onshore, nearshore and offshore providers on Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and First Call Resolution.


One reason is that every representative and supervisor here has incentives and support to achieve specific Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution scores — and wins recognition when they do. So while most other contact centers churn through agents, we are the opposite.

Those on the front lines interacting with your end customers are mature, skilled and motivated. We use a 9-step hiring process, 3-week initial immersion, client-specific training, and 1:1 coaching to ensure consistently exceptional interactions with your customers.

Our Mission

Callzilla is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) that provides high quality interactions with customers, focused on resolution and satisfaction. We place our Employees and Team Members and our Clients and their Customers at the center of everything we do.

Our Vision

To continuously improve the experiences of our Clients’ customers, our Clients, and our Employees.

Empowering Success

Our Corporate Values

  • ADHERENCE: Commitment to client objectives, and customer needs.

  • CARE: This is what brings us together. We care deeply about each other, our clients and our customers. Colleagues – we care for our people, the most important asset of Callzilla. Customers and clients – the heart and soul of our company. Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. We listen to understand.

  • DARE AND DREAM: Look at new ways of doing thing. Do and try things out of the ordinary, even if a little bit scary. No limits. Go beyond the obvious and be visionary. Be bold. Take brave career choices. Have courageous conversations. Challenge the status quo and push beyond the impossible. Set new standards. Move with courage and speed.

  • CONTINUOS IMPROVEMENT: An ongoing effort to improve products, services, and processes. This includes efforts that work toward “incremental” improvement over time and “breakthrough” improvement all at once.

  • EXECUTION: We follow through on our promises in an organized and timely manner. We do what we’re asked to do, and we do what we say we’ll do.

  • TRUST: Creating authentic connections with clients, customers, and employees.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: An assurance that an individual or an organization will be evaluated on their performance or behavior related to something for which they are responsible.

  • SENSE OF URGENCY: Act promptly and with intention to make things happen efficiently and effectively. Doing what needs to be done immediately without being asked.

  • LEADERSHIP: The ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization, but also to be trusted and respected by followers and peers.

  • PASSION: Have pride in your work, and a strong sense of responsibility for fulfilling client, customer, and employee objectives.

  • PURSOSE: Know your reason for doing something.

  • IMPACT: Having a strong affect on the business based on decisions, plans, and performance.

Leadership Team

Our diverse leadership team combines experience and vision to steer our company toward excellence, fostering growth and innovation at every turn.

Neal Topf

Stephanie Fritz
VP of Business Development

Juan Carlos Muñoz
Global Director of Operations and IT

Monica Mosquera
Data and Analytics Director

Fabiana Ordonez
Director, Finance

Natalia Diaz
Global Director of Finance & Administration

Things To Know

More Facts About Callzilla

Callzilla adheres to a rigorous Quality Policy per ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. Agent performance is measured frequently and at high granularity, and intervals. We tailor engagements to client KPIs.

Customer service isn’t just answering calls and emails. Callzilla is adept at engaging via social media, providing support via live chat, configuring SMS texting, coversing via email, and more.

Callzilla clients can have dedicated agents, shared agents, or both if needed. We strive to quantify the value we bring relative to our fees.

Among the most significant sources of customer frustration is a company’s failure to resolve issues promptly. At an average of 90%, Callzilla’s performance on first-call resolution is in the world’s top tier.

At a typical contact center, nearly all agents leave within a year. At the best ones, it’s the opposite. Callzilla shares via published articles and case studies how agents are hired, trained, coached, and motivated? Last year, 83% staff stayed on into 2017 — a rate several times the industry average.

Callzilla is practiced at fully integrating with client systems. On average it takes 3 weeks from signed contract to an integrated, quality-tested system.

Callzilla tailors reporting to each client’s needs, proactively generates actionable recommendations to improve customer experience, and frequently seeks client feedback on results and finetuning the collaboration.

Outstanding on First Call Resolution: 90%
Industry-leading agent retention: 83% year over year
Fast onsite access: 3-6 hours to get onsite from U.S. cities
Unsurpassed quality: ISO 9001:2008 certified
Better client ROI as demonstrated in a dozen case studies
Faster starts: onboarding takes as few as 14 days
Best Outsourcing Service Provider 2017 (ICMI)
Quality MVP, Silver (Customer®)
Top Customer Service Agents (ICMI)
Best Client Services Management (CCW)
Top 50 to Follow (ICMI)

We are highly committed to innovation and continuous improvement in our Quality Management System. We encourage the participation of our team, and the development of their skills to improve customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Client satisfaction.

1. Continuous improvement within our Quality Management System

2. Exceed expected performance (Quality, Satisfaction, Performance)

3. Enhance the knowledge and skills of our employees

4. Improve customer satisfaction, Employee experience, and Client experience

Real-Life Results

We Generate Results for Our Clients

“What sold me on partnering with Callzilla was the flexibility and attention to detail when it came to adapting to our unique customer base and evolving systems.”

– Callzilla Client, Director of Customer Support

“I feel good about how our teams have been working together and Callzilla’s ability to evolve with us. If we need to expand our team, Callzilla is definitely our first choice as a partner.”

– VP, Tech Operations & Innovation, Real Estate Industry

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with CallZilla for more than 10 years. Any company should expect success after partnering with Callzilla.”

– Executive Leader, Ed-Tech Industry

“We had a call center in Miami, and weren’t satisfied with the service. I was looking to migrate away. I felt Neal and his team were fabulous. In my book, if we could have I would have moved it all there. They did a better job. They had better quality agents, period. Our flows were good, our costs were already competitive with our incumbent, and if I had moved more volume we probably could have had a better deal.”

– CMO, Auto Company – After 60 days of comparing Callzilla to incumbent contact center

“Callzilla provides professional insight into the complex world of setting up a call-center. Their level of experience, expertise, and advice certainly helped us provide a better customer experience.”

– Callzilla Client – Director of Customer Support

“CWhat sold me on partnering with Callzilla was Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility. The marketing world is always evolving, yet Callzilla, from the leadership to the agent pool, is always willing to go with the flow while providing immediate feedback on the success of the test.”

– Executive Leader – Ed-Tech Industry

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