Give your agents everything they need to manage complex customer interactions at scale.

With Awaken, get Real-Time Agent Guidance & Conversational Analytics, powered by AI. Seamlessly guide agents through complex human interactions. Understand the data & insights to drive performance improvement. Deliver positive customer outcomes on every conversation. Designed by contact center experts. Deploy in hours. See a positive ROI in days.


Callzilla’s Speech Analytics tool, Observe.AI gives us everything we need to analyze customer interactions, evaluate performance, and coach our team members all in one place. The tool rapidly transcribes each customer conversation and evaluates it based on positive, negative, and neutral moments. With this automation, we’re able to get feedback on 100% of customer calls and focus more of our analysts’ time on tracking patterns, coaching agents and evaluating the big picture.

For more details on how Callzilla utilizes Observe.AI, check out our blog post. is a pre-screening platform that certifies the language ability of our team. This platform automates the language evaluation process — providing us with reliable, data-driven results regarding the language ability of our agents. This is important to providing your customers with high quality interactions.


Talkpush is the leading recruitment platform designed to handle the large pools of candidates generated on social media. Our Human Resources ChatBot is available on our Facebook, Instagram, website, and through WhatsApp for easy access to talent. It gathers all necessary information needed to qualify candidates, so our HR team can focus on the nuanced aspects of recruiting.


Our workforce management tool, Magister tracks agent productivity in all aspects. In the user-friendly dashboard, we’re able to see the basics of when agents log on and off and take breaks, but also which websites they’re visiting, which applications are open, and we can calculate a custom productivity rate based on those aspects. We also get alerts when agents visit banned sites such as social media or streaming sites.

IBM Cognos

Cognos powers Callzilla’s E-Learning platform, which standardizes training for all staff. Each team can create custom, interactive lessons on the user-friendly system, and we use it for both new agent training and tenured coaching. For more information on how Callzilla uses this platform, check out our blog post. is a Next-Gen Conversational AI Extension. With this easy-to-system, you don’t need to be a programmer to develop and launch a high quality ChatBot on your website. Whether it’s integrating with channels like WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook or it’s connecting your Live Chat systems such as Zendesk or Intercom, the TomBot team has got you covered.

Check out how Callzilla uses’s system on our website, here.

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