Miramar, Florida

Nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is where Callzilla calls home. This is our Corporate Office and where this company got its start.

At our Headquarters, you can;

  • Meet our leadership team

  • Learn about our services & processes

  • Get a sense of our company culture

Bogotá, Colombia

Our contact center is located in the northern part of Bogotá. Our team includes hundreds of agents, supervisors, QA analysts, trainers, managers and other support staff. Our workstations operate 24/7/365.

To insure seamless operations, we have;

  • 750+ on site and remote employees

  • High-speed internet and Windows-based PCs and flat-screen monitors

  • Each workstation is ergonomically designed to facilitate the comfort and productivity of our agents

South Africa

Callzilla launched our services in South Africa in 2023 with a remote team of customer experience professionals. We are excited to see this diverse group of agents grow and develop.

Out of this new location, you can expect;

  • A unique blend of talent, expertise, energy and enthusiasm

  • A thorough understanding of the local market

  • Dedication to providing outstanding support that leaves customers with a positive and memorable experience

Experience the Difference of Dedicated Support

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