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Callzilla’s Impactful Expansion in South Africa: A Chat with Aphelele Mtshemla

Callzilla, a leading customer service provider, has recently expanded its operations to South Africa, bringing new job opportunities and exceptional customer experiences to the region. We sat down with Aphelele Mtshemla, a talented Callzilla agent from the South African team, to discuss her experiences, the local culture, and the impact of Callzilla’s arrival in the area. […]

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Callzilla Appoints Milan Batinich as VP of Business Development

Miramar, April 18th 2023 – Callzilla, an award-winning mid-size BPO company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Milan Batinich as their new Vice President of Business Development. With 20 years of experience in contact center operations and sales management at American Express, West Corp., and other organizations, Milan brings a wealth of expertise to the Callzilla team. […]

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#WeLikeYourStories: Sivu!

At Callzilla, we like your dreams, talents, passions… and stories! “We are all customers somewhere.” In this captivating video interview, we sit down with Agent, Sivu Bolton, who offers unique insights into the vibrant culture, life, and aspirations of the people living in South Africa. The interview delves into the importance of customer experience in South Africa’s thriving outsourcing industry, revealing how the nation’s cultural strengths contribute to exceptional service delivery. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation that provides a genuine look at South Africa through the eyes of a local expert. […]

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Breaking News! Callzilla’s Expands Service to South Africa

Callzilla is excited to announce the launch of our services in South Africa! With a growing demand for high-quality customer service and the wealth of talent available in the region, we knew it was the perfect place to expand our operations. We are proud to introduce our amazing South African team, who are ready and eager to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients here in North America. […]

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Callzilla Celebrates the Pets That Keep Us Company Working From Home

These past few years have significantly changed the way we work, with many individuals working from home. Callzilla has a headquarters in Miami, FL, two sites in Bogotá, Colombia, as well as an extensive remote workforce. While there are several benefits to remote work, including increased flexibility, reduced commute time, and improved work-life balance, it can also be challenging to manage the isolation, loneliness, and stress that come with it. Studies have shown that having a pet can help to alleviate some of these issues and promote better mental health. […]

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#WeLikeYourStories: Zabrina!

At Callzilla, we like your dreams, talents, passions… and stories! Meet Zabrina Rivas Piñero, an Operations Manager who has been with Callzilla for over 6 years. We value Zabrina’s hard work and positive attitude on the contact center floor, but she also has a unique hobby to share! She turned her creative outlet into a small business using the skills she learned as a Callzilla leader. How cool is that? […]

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#WeLikeYourStories: Rodrigo Peñaloza

At Callzilla, we like your dreams, talents, passions… and stories! Meet Rodrigo Peñaloza, a Callzilla Quality Assurance Analyst who has a passion for fashion. In this interview, he talks about how Callzilla helped him achieve his dream of starting his own clothing line both financially and emotionally. We are so proud of Rodrigo and can’t wait to watch his success grow! […]

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Callzilla Celebrates 17 Years

We recently celebrated our 17th anniversary at Callzilla, and what a year it’s been! This year has been all about refocusing on what’s most important: our people. In the customer service industry, people are at the center of everything we do, whether that be our customers, clients, or employees. Let’s take a look back at what we’ve accomplished this year. […]

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