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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Latest Additions: Evolving from Phone and Email to a Omni-Channel Contact Center

When we talk about continuous improvement at Callzilla, we're talking about how we work and about the kind of work we do.

Adding capabilities through continuous improvement

We started out as a call center, handling phone conversations with customers and potential customers. But the world never stands still. People have embraced other ways of interacting with companies. So we added technology that serves them in the ways they prefer.

Adding channels

We've added live chat, social media monitoring, email and text messaging. We've added interactive voice response software, which selects prerecorded messages based on which keys the caller presses. We've added voice blasts, which sends a single prerecorded message to a wide number of recipients. And we keep honing our phone skills.

Adding capabilities

In our mission statement, we make point of saying we'll deliver across all communications channels. Continuous improvement means we add the talent and technology to match the way customers want to interact with brands. Today's customers, especially younger ones, expect technology fast resolution of questions and problems.

The telephone isn't always their first choice of communication. Even when it is, they don't want to wait for your regular office hours. They want to resolve issues now, before their lives are interrupted by something else.

Adding platforms

Our own IT ecosystem must be nimble and flexible in order to rapidly integrate technologies and platforms preferred by our clients.

For example, Callzilla clients can use enterprise legacy systems for CRM, like Oracle. Or cloud-based CRMs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and telephony and call routing platforms such as Transera, Advantone/Intelepeer, Intelemedia, Dial 800, and 8x8.

We've also integrated e-learning and gamification systems such as PlayVox and Lynda.com.

Adding proficiency

Bringing all these capabilities to the table requires investment -- not only to add the new technology as it becomes available, but also to train our associates on how to use it well.

We incentivize for performance. We measure that performance and always look for ways to make it better.

Adding channels, capabilities, platforms, and proficiency pays off in enabling us to serve you better... which means it helps you serve your customers better. So they win, you win, and we win. - Neal

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