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15 Customer Behavior Models and Examples of Implementation

Having a proper understanding of consumers and customer behavior is key to curating a successful business. Customer behavior modeling utilizes previously obtained data to create customer cohorts, or segments. Creating these groupings allows for the prediction of reactions and actions of each cohort given a scenario based on their similarities and common prior behaviors. It is important to know the various behavior models and how to properly implement them. […]

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Guide to Customer Behavior Analysis: The First Steps

Knowing your customer and their behaviors is imperative to formulating effective marketing campaigns and business strategies. Understanding your customer means you have a clear picture about your customers behavior, needs, pain points, demographics, wants, and expectations. When a business understands their behaviors and experiences, they can really drive their business forward and create the opportunity for better curated products, services, and business plans. Analyzing customers that are interacting with your brand already will provide insight into your current customer base and allow for the potential to expand that current base.   […]

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Self Customer Service: The Different Options and Best Practices

While allowing customers the ability to chat with an agent to reach a solution to any problem or question they may have is an important aspect for the customer experience, empowering customers to find the solution on their own is essential. Self customer service channels provide customers with the ability to find a solution to their issue without a customer service agent’s help. Allowing customers the option of independence and quick solutions improves customer sentiment towards a brand or business by instilling the idea that their products and services are user friendly. This article will [...]

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5 Ways to Utilize SMS Services to Improve Your Customer Experience

As the channels that our customers use to communicate with us change, we need to adapt our communication methods. Phone calls and email support will continue to exist, but in the spirit of improving the customer’s experience overall, we can do better. SMS, or text messaging services, are becoming a popular way to meet our customers where they are… their phones! Here are a few ways to implement the SMS channel in your business, in a way that’s both efficient for the customer and cost effective for your business: […]

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Service Automation: What it is and Some Examples

Today, the world revolves around technology, and the customer support industry is no exception to the rule. Just a couple of decades ago the only way to reach out to a company was by sending a letter, then telephone support came, and nowadays even that is starting to become out-of-date. The truth is that automated systems have taken over several services that call centers offer. Follow along and find out what customer service automation in the contact center industry is all about, and some examples of how it is already being implemented in our practices [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Customer Service Outsourcing Provider

If your business has never relied on customer service outsourcing, you might be wondering what to look for when evaluating different providers. Knowing what separates an outstanding contact center from the others may not always be clear during your initial search. Moreover, it’s easy to fall into the trap of selecting the first outsourcing provider on your radar because analyzing many options can be overwhelming, especially when you have other core work responsibilities. […]

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