3 Factors that Determine A+ Customer Service Outsourcing

  In the nearshore contact center world, customer service reigns supreme. Management and stakeholders don’t stumble into successful customer service outsourcing partner relationships by accident. It comes from focusing on certain factors and initiatives that influence the overall quality of customer service demonstrated within the contact center. […]

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Why Omnichannel Call Centers are a Scalable Solution

We are living in a world where optimizations and fast response times are expected, so it’s important to make sure that your customer service strategy holds up to your competition’s. Utilizing an omnichannel customer service approach has proven to be a great way to help remedy customer’s pain points in an efficient way. Read on to find out how an omnichannel customer service strategy can provide scalable customer experiences, provide data for better customer experiences, and why it’s important in today’s fast-paced market. […]

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Customer Contact Week 2018 Key Insights

We had the privilege of attending the 19th annual Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas. This gathering is one of the largest customer contact events in the US – and always offers us a wealth of industry insights. Here are some of the key takeaways from our time at the conference: […]

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Tips for Training Outsourced Agents

“Training agents is mission critical in the customer service industry, whether your agents are in-house, offshore, onshore, nearshore, or outsourced.” Our recent article, posted on, features four important tips worth considering during the contact center agent training process. […]

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Why Live Chat is the Channel That’s Changing the Customer Care Game

Callzilla recently implemented live chat customer service capabilities for a client. This client, a subscription-based live television streaming service, initially only offered email as a means of customer service. Reflecting the bad old days of email customer care, response times ranged between 3 to 5 business days and time-to-resolution untold, their customer satisfaction rate was very low and had it been measured, customer effort, very high. In partnering with Callzilla, they implemented new channels—phone and most recently, live chat, for a multi-channel customer service approach. What we’ve found is that many of their customers experience [...]

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5 Omnichannel Metrics to Add to Your Dashboard

For those looking to get a handle on how their customer experience is being qualified, we need to get rid of the kitchen sink mentality-don’t throw in every metric. What matters is that your customers are happy, regardless of what contact channel they’ve chosen to use. Below are four metrics to add to our dashboards to measure against that goal. […]

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