Excerpts of early 2017 interviews with Callzilla’s Neal Topf.

Fast Leader Show

In March Fast Leader Show host Jim Rembach interviewed Topf. Rembach asked Topf to explain how Callzilla climbed the ranks in “one of the most competitive industries on the planet.”

There’s a lot of ‘fight’ in this dog.

“One: this is very much a relationship business,” answered Topf. “It’s how you prove to your clients time and time that you’re there for them through thick and thin.

“Two: It all comes down to getting the fundamentals right. The essentials of listening to customers, interacting, speaking. But especially knowing when to not talk.

“Three: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. We’re not a massive conglomerate with a footprint in every major country. So how do we compete? It’s our hunger to be the best, to achieve. There’s a lot of ‘fight’ in this dog.”

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Fonolo Panel on Call Center Agents vs. Automation

In February, Topf served on an expert panel assembled by Fonolo (@fonolo), a leader in call-back solutions for the call center. Panelists were asked to discuss whether advances in call center automation will reduce the need for live agents.

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“No matter how good Alexa and Srii are, no matter how good our programmers are, there’s always going to be room… for simple preferences,” Topf said. “People are going to… be able to opt out of the AI interaction and speak to a live agent. The live agent will not go away.”

ICMI Compilation on Defining Great #CustServ

Earlier, Topf was featured in the ICMI video How Do You Define Great Customer Service, featuring footage of ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference Speakers.

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