Conversational virtual assistant, better known as VoiceBot

For a lot of people Artificial Intelligence sounds like a futuristic and complicated feature of technology; little do they know AI is used in most services used nowadays, one of them being the customer service area, and the use of VoiceBots. Follow along to find out what exactly is VoiceBot and how your business can benefit from it.

A more inclusive customer care

Before the VoiceBot came the ChatBot, that allowed users to direct themselves by pressing the correct number according to the options provided. Through natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition customers will be able to say the number instead of pressing it, and VoiceBot will use speech-to-text technology to redirect them appropriately. This might be especially helpful for visually impaired and physically impaired customers, and will make user experiences more inclusive.

Time saver for both customer and agent

Imagine VoiceBot like the closest to a human assistant your live agents will have; The customer calls, and the conversational AI will classify their issue using a series of questions. At the same time, the AI send this information to the agent, so as soon as the call is transferred the customer will get the support they require. No need to making them repeat their issue over and over to several agents, hoping to be transferred to the appropriate department.


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Intelligent virtual assistants available at all times

No more busy lines or waiting on hold for a live agent to help you; VoiceBot is there to aid customers in real time, shortening the response time and improving service experience. Furthermore, machine learning allows this tool to memorize essential information like FAQ and basic troubleshooting processes, that allow VoiceBot to act just like a Tier 1 agent, and skip the process of transferring and placing the customer on hold, since their inquiry will be solved by the AI.

The easiest way to gather customer satisfaction information

Just as VoiceBot is the one welcoming your customers, it can be the one thanking them for their call and checking on their experience. This process is usually done by the same live agent, which makes the call unnecessarily longer, or via email/sms, which might go unnoticed and never answered. Having VoiceBot take the call after the customer’s issue has been solved leaves agents free to take the next call, and ensures your business gets the customer satisfaction information you need to improve your processes.

It is evident that VoiceBot can bring multiple benefits to your customer care line, from making the service live agents provide more efficient and improving customer experience, to making your company save time and money. Once something considered too futuristic and beyond human understanding, VoiceBot is now an easy-to-implement tool for your customer support department.

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About the Author: Neal Topf

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