This week’s weekly #ICMIchat twitter chat centered on how to build a high performance contact center agent culture and agent morale. It was a well attended chat, and as a nearshore outsourced call center, my interest in the topic lies around, “How do we define a high performance culture?” Or, more simply, “How do we define culture?”

Watch the full video recap below.

Agent culture is a fascinatingly complex topic, and I’d love to hear what others in the contact center community are doing to measure their culture. I think KPIs can give us an indication of agent culture and more, but do not necessarily tell the whole story.

Shout out to Leslie O. for the quote of the chat, “Don’t treat agents like middle school teachers treat 7th graders, trust them and respect them, don’t nickel and dime them.” I couldn’t agree more. We need to develop a culture that enables agents to flourish and stretch their wings in to high functioning careers that is rewarding.

Don’t forget we’ll be hosting the #ICMIchat next week (Tues., Oct. 7th. @ 1pm EST). We’re going to continue our conversation about Contact Center Culture and Morale.

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