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ChatBots are only as effective as you make them, so the unique customization that Callzilla offers our clients is what sets our bots apart. Our frontend designs fit seamlessly into your website and mobile app, and our custom dashboards give you extensive insight into both the bot’s performance and your customer’s experience with your brand. Speaking of customer experience, that is customizable too!

To make the process less intimidating, we’ve compiled a list of the different customization options Callzilla offers with our ChatBot provider, TomBot.

Frontend Customizations

Build a Custom ChatBot

Window size

  • Whether your bot is the main character or just a gentle reminder that it’s there to help, we can customize the size that your window appears on your website and mobile app.


  • Add your logo to the chat window, as the bot’s photo, or throughout the conversation as a photo.

Bot name

  • Make your bot an official member of the team! Give it a fun name, a human persona, or just name it “ChatBot” if that’s your vibe.

Brand colors

  • We will design your bot to seamlessly blend with your website by using your brand colors, and matching your site’s aesthetic.


  • We recommend using a font that can be found throughout your site for a cohesive look.


  • A traditional bot will appear on your company’s home page in the bottom right corner. We of course can do that, but that’s up to you! The bot can appear anywhere on the site (up, down, left, center, etc.), and on any and all pages. If your bot represents your customer service team, you may want the bot to appear on the support page only, whereas a sales bot should be on every page to support customers in their purchase as they peruse the site.


  • There is a science to when the bot attracts a customer’s attention, and it varies per program. If you want your bot to appear as soon as the site loads, or after a 10 second delay, or upon clicking the chat button, we can accommodate any timing request.

Customized Admin Experience

As a ChatBot user ourselves, we can appreciate how important admin tools are to maintaining a successful tool. Our clients receive access to the admin dashboard where they can view custom reporting, chat transcripts, and self-learning data.

Session data

Build a Custom ChatBot

A session is the initiated bot conversation. The parameters around what defines a “session” is customizable, but our default is to reset every 15 minutes so someone re-opening the chat window after that time would count as a separate session.

Solved sessions are marked by a successful bot conversation. We attach tags or categories to every question/answer on the backend of the bot. If the bot is able to match an answer to the customer’s question, then the system would deem this a solved session.

Escalated sessions refer to the transfer to a live agent, whether it’s through the chat, a phone call, or email.

Sessions that are unresolved are tracked the same way as solved sessions. If the bot is not able to match an answer to the customer’s question, the system marks it as unresolved. The difference is that unresolved sessions are then placed in our self-learning tool.

Abandoned sessions happen when someone opens the Chat window but does not type or pick a question. There are various reasons for this, such as the curiosity of clicking on the window, finding what they need on their own, or deciding to contact customer service through a different channel.

Build a Custom ChatBot

Category Data 

Build a Custom ChatBot

The categories or tags (that we mentioned are used to track solved vs unsolved chats) can also be used to tell you the reasons behind these sessions. This gives you valuable insight into what your customers care about and what they like and dislike about using your service. Our clients also use this data for early error detection. If there is an increase in customers requesting troubleshooting advice or reporting a product error, you’ll see this real time in your admin dashboard. 

This tool can also be used for those tough budget discussions. You need to cut costs, but where? The category data you receive from our ChatBot can help you target your efforts more efficiently. Check out our case study to see how we reduced cost for one client.

Revenue Data

Build a Custom ChatBot

Easily track revenue growth with our bot’s sales tools. The bot is capable of suggesting products to your customers, and providing a direct purchase link for a simple sales conversion. We can update the dashboard to match the sales metrics you are already tracking on your site, and keep the bot sales separate from your regular sales for reporting purposes.

Self-Learning Data

Build a Custom ChatBot

Our self-learning tool is what sets our bot apart from competitors. Unsolved sessions are not just evaporating into a black hole of “oops sorry, we don’t have the answer for that.” If an unsolved questions appears a few times, it will then feed into our self-learning tool where a few things can happen.

An admin can manually go in and create responses for the list of unsolved questions like you see above, ensuring the next person to ask that question will get the correct response. Or, if the bot (based on historical data) feels with at least 80% confidence that it can match that question to an existing flow, it will automatically make that connection. Hence, self-learning.

Build a Custom ChatBot

You will have access to all historical and pending matches, so no need to worry about your smart-bot going rogue.

Customized Customer Experience

Conversational Options

Think about your ideal ChatBot experience as a customer, and we can make that happen. Do you prefer to feel like you’re having a genuine human interaction, or do you need your bots to get straight to the point?

Preselected options give the customer a course of action in the form of buttons to help them navigate the conversation. On the backend, we create a decision tree full of “if/then” statements to guide the customer through their inquisitive journey. This is probably typical of what you’ve experienced with current bots in the industry.

Callzilla also offers a more conversational experience, giving the customer the opportunity to free-type their question into a box and interact with the bot as they would a live agent. We don’t believe a bot can replace the human experience, but we have the data to prove that our bots can provide an efficient and positive experience to your customers. We recommend a combination of these two methods for an optimal encounter.

Transfer Options

Although we offer bots that act as a stand-alone customer service team, if you have the budget to mix in live agents we have various transfer options.

Simple chat transfers allow your customer to continue their conversation through the same channel. We can set automated business rules or offer an option upfront for your customers to opt out of the bot experience and chat with a live agent.

Offering a Click-to-Call button makes it easy for customers on the go to switch from chat to your phone channel. If the customer clicks this option from their mobile device, the bot will automatically request to dial your company’s customer service phone number. If using our bot on the web, the click-to-call option will request to open whichever dialing apps they have connected (such as Skype or WhatsApp).

We can also offer an email form within the bot for customers to easily document more complex issues for your agents to review and solve at a later date.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Capturing customer feedback can be difficult but valuable. Here are a few ideas, but we also recommend using a few different avenues.

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Thumbs up or thumbs down? This simple measurement of satisfaction is universal and non-intrusive. It will stay at the top or bottom of the chat window where customers can rate their experience at any point during their conversation.

As a conversational option, the bot can request feedback during the interaction with a simple prompt, such as “Does that answer your question?”. The yes or no response would funnel into a CSAT graph in your admin dashboard.

Build a Custom ChatBot

Lastly, we can input a traditional survey that pops up at the end of the conversation. This can have as few or as many questions as you need, and we can make recommendations based on your service type.

Backend Customization

Build a Custom ChatBot

This section is basically the brains behind the bot. If you give us all of the training and coaching you give your agents, partnered with any historical and operational data, we will build your next great agent. This customization is arguably the most important, because this is how your ChatBot functions seamlessly within your existing program. While we offer starting blocks, we don’t take your data an input it into a standard flow. Each Callzilla bot essentially starts from scratch, and is built with your brand voice, values, and culture in mind.

What would that look like for you? Book a demo with us and find out.

About the Author: Neal Topf

Neal Topf, a seasoned contact center expert, is dedicated to transforming customer experiences. With years of industry wisdom, he guides businesses to excellence. His articles provide actionable insights for live answering, tech support, appointment scheduling, and implementing automated services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and operational efficiency.