Callzilla, a leading customer service provider, has recently expanded its operations to South Africa, bringing new job opportunities and exceptional customer experiences to the region. We sat down with Aphelele Mtshemla, a talented Callzilla agent from the South African team, to discuss her experiences, the local culture, and the impact of Callzilla’s arrival in the area.

Copy of Circle Headshots (2)Though Aphelele had not previously worked as a Customer Service Representative, she explained that her past experiences have helped her become the best version of a CSR. “I have great phone etiquette,” she said. “In a 2-minute call, I am able to make the caller feel like she is valued and prioritized.”

Aphelele believes that South African culture plays a significant role in providing exceptional customer service experiences. “Being a South African automatically means you are a people’s person,” she explained. “We love people and we love to socialize. We understand that to be a great communicator, you must listen and then respond in the appropriate manner and tone.”


Callzilla’s comprehensive training program has contributed to Aphelele’s success as a customer experience-focused agent. Reflecting on her month-long training, she remarked, “I always reflect on when I first started and where I am now and realize that it provided me with a solid foundation, especially as someone who never worked as a CSR in her life.”

When it comes to delivering outstanding customer experiences, Aphelele believes that listening, empathy, and phone etiquette are key factors. “Through listening, you are able to capture all the information and then provide an informative solution,” she noted.

The local community has responded positively to Callzilla’s expansion into South Africa, and Aphelele believes that the company’s presence will bring life-changing opportunities to the region. “People are going to get employed and be able to provide for themselves and their families,” she said. “I am so grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of this initiative.”

Learn More About Callzilla’s Talent in South Africa

Callzilla’s impact sourcing in South Africa not only brings new opportunities for local talent but also leverages the region’s unique cultural strengths to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As agents like Aphelele Mtshemla continue to excel in their roles, it is clear that Callzilla’s expansion is having a positive impact on both the local community and the company’s global customer base.

To learn more about Callzilla’s recent launch in South Africa and how these services can benefit your business, we invite you to contact us, here. The Callzilla team is eager to discuss how their customer experience expertise, combined with the unique strengths of their South African team, can elevate your customer experiences and drive your business forward.


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