Continuing with a closer look of our talented and hard-working staff, it is our great pleasure to introduce to you our new Client Success Coordinator, Rodrigo Sequeda.

Rodrigo, or Rod –as we call him– is a dedicated service provider. Whether working as a chef, dreaming of becoming an electrical engineer, or learning languages in Europe, his goal has always been to help others. He understands things can always get tough, so we have to be there for each other, and this is what makes him a great asset for our Client Success team.

Born in Venezuela, Rod split his childhood between his hometown – Barquisimeto – Puerto Rico, and Miami. This bilingual and multicultural upbringing has made Rod someone who easily adapts to different circumstances in life. While traveling and constantly meeting new people, he realized the importance of helping others on their journey. It was probably there that he learned to identify the needs of others.

Although he has travelled to many places around the world, he has only worked in Venezuela and Colombia. Looking for better opportunities, he decided to establish himself in Bogotá.

In 2018, Rod had already been living in Colombia for a few years, but a call from home made him interrupt his stay in the country for some time; his father had passed away. During this time, Rod recalls reflecting on life a lot and realizing many of the things his father had taught him needed to be implemented in his life.

A few months after that, and back in Bogotá, Rod ran into a job application opportunity on LinkedIn. As the challenge seeker he has always been, he decided to get out of his comfort zone (the kitchen he loves so much) and started providing customer service in a different way. Rod remembers it felt like a brand new beginning, after the passing of his father, when he started working for Callzilla as a bilingual agent. He was quickly promoted and became a successful supervisor in one of our consumer advocacy campaigns. His easy going and sociable personality can easily be trusted, and our Client Success team noticed his potential for a new role.

Rod is very proud of his customer service experience. As a chef, he says “there is no better feeling than when someone tells you how much they’ve enjoyed something you prepared especially for them.” When asked his opinion on the old phrase, “the customer is always right”, Rod thinks that “more important than that, the job of a service provider is to identify what your customer needs to be satisfied”.

As our Client Success Coordinator, Rod expects to give Callzilla corporative visibility to the helping hand he always has to lend. “I would like clients to know they can find in Callzilla a confidence contact point that will be there for them 24/7.”

In addition to his excellent English, Rod has conversational level of German (that he learned in Germany), and he successfully completed his studies of culinary arts and went to college to pursue a career as an electrical engineer. He enjoys biking and other outdoor activities, and he also likes to watch TV series and listen to podcasts in his free time. He is a firm believer in a Charles Chaplin’s saying: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”, and that is probably why it is very common to see him smiling. We are very happy to have Rod on this new role and we love it when talented people grow with us in Callzilla.

About the Author: Neal Topf

Neal Topf, a seasoned contact center expert, is dedicated to transforming customer experiences. With years of industry wisdom, he guides businesses to excellence. His articles provide actionable insights for live answering, tech support, appointment scheduling, and implementing automated services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and operational efficiency.