Callzilla views training as a continuous task essential to a program’s success, which requires a solid foundation. We designed a new training platform that’s for more than just preparation. We created a space with the big picture in mind, where employees can receive their new hire training, organize their continuous learning, and also design and implement a career path with Callzilla.

Callzilla’s E-Learning platform allows staff to access training tools at any time, from anywhere. All Callzilla training courses and material are housed in our virtual training hub, which makes for organized and efficient learning. When new agents are onboarded, they receive a login to this platform, where they can complete their training courses in a self-sufficient environment. Some courses are Trainer led programs, and some are designed for Agents to have autonomy to complete training at their own pace. The dashboard is easy to use, and the management team is able to track course progress and results in real time.

With more autonomous courses for things like HR policies and guidelines, this frees up our Trainers’ time to focus on skill development and more strategic initiatives.

Admin Tools

Our platform is hosted by the IBM tool, Cognos, and is encrypted so all information/data is kept private. We don’t currently have any sensitive information on the platform, but the safety net is there to keep our client’s training information discrete. We also have a backend tool where Trainers develop their training materials, announcements, and virtual workshops. It’s a collaborative space that works well for both our in-office and remote staff. Management from any departments can also easily upload PDFs, PPTs, and videos similar to a Google Drive to assist in the Agent’s training efforts. After a training course is created, the admin uploads it to the E-Learning platform for self-service. Agents are able to access these workshops from a phone or computer directly from the E-Learning dashboard or through a QR code.

Personal Calendar


Agents can view their Training Plan through the dashboard, and never miss an event with their Personal Calendar, located directly within the platform. The calendar shows upcoming trainings, and the Agents can add meetings and reminders here as well. Agents appreciate having a space where they can keep their professional lives organized.

Career Center giphy-2

This section is a team favorite, where Agents can plan their career path with Callzilla. 75% of employees indicated on our latest survey that they would like to create a career path and grow with the company, so this feature on our platform was essential. The Career Center has your current job profile, your skill levels (on things like written English, grammar, technical support, etc.), and goals for your future with the company. Based on those inputs, the system has a smart feature that will suggest related content and courses. Even if a training course is not needed for their current job, they can add these to their personal calendar to get ahead on their certifications (which they receive after completing a course).



Anyone on the management team can use this tool to send push notifications through the training platform. We use this space instead of sending company wide emails, to keep all work related messaging in one place. For example, the HR team uses it to send general updates or reminders, or to wish everyone a happy holiday. There is also a more personal feature that allows users to casually chat with each other or post questions to a forum.

Overall, we’re proud of this virtual community that we created as an efficient learning tool and a way to connect with our team, whether they’re at home or in the office. Our clients also see the benefit of uniform and organized training, as you can see based on the results of our latest case study.

About the Author: Neal Topf

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