A large music distributor had handled customer service in-house since the beginning. But in 2016, it entrusted a portion to Callzilla.



Most online shoppers never pick up the phone to reach out to an online retailer. But plenty need to know—even if subconsciously—that they could reach a real person.

One of the world’s first media companies had an in-house group handing ecommerce customer care and sales, but needed to pair with the right outsourced contact center. They asked Callzilla to start handling inbound calls from English and Spanish-speakers.

Callzilla developed a project brief, integrated systems with the client, and collaborated with the client on training. We went live, and frequently calibrated with the client on results, performance, and needs.

The very first step was to implement customer satisfaction surveys, to establish a baseline, report meaningful results after launch, and continuously finetune customer interactions.

Today Callzilla provides phone coverage for any issues with account management, billing support, product returns, customer retention, and order fulfillment. Callzilla answers 90 percent of calls in 10 seconds or less and customer satisfaction is 95 percent. We are able to resolve 93 percent of customer issues on first contact.

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How does Callzilla achieve these kinds of results? At the full case study page we provide:

  • An overview of our unique approach
  • Highlighted statistics
  • A letter our client received from one of its customers after interacting with a Callzilla rep

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