4 Ways Call Center Outsourcing will help your company deliver superior customer service

Should my company have its own call center or should it outsource it? When setting up a call center, companies face numerous challenges like rising costs for wages, costs related to recruiting, training, coaching, and all the processes related to retaining talent. Companies also face increasing complexity in offering high quality service in an omni-channel environment demanded by customers. There is no customer service easy button, yet customer service call center outsourcing positions a company to be successful in managing its costs and in improving customer experience.

Improve customer service

Business leaders typically recommend Brands to stick to what they do best – produce and market products and services, leaving complex and expensive front and back office processes to experts who’s objective it is to perfect these. Top customer service call centers, for example, have the infrastructure and resources to perfect human resource management, technology, and operations management that each directly influence overall customer experience. When managed correctly by an outsourced call center, the company benefits from improved resource deployment  and focus as well as improvements in the bottom line costs associated with each of these.

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Outsource Your Customer Service

Typically, an outsourcing arrangement should save no less than 30% off the top line labor costs, and if placed in strategic parts of the world such as near-shore service delivery points, the savings can be greater. Reducing or at best, eliminating the expenses of wages and benefits as well as the headaches associated with people management will immediately allow companies to focus on their core processes. 

There are those that argue that customer service is a critical part of marketing, and while customer perception, customer journey, and customer experience are certainly critical, customer service call center and contact center outsourcing can certainly provide equally, if not enhanced, performance, quality, and voice of customer metrics which translate into greater customer lifetime value (LTV) and customer loyalty.


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The Top 4 Ways Your Company Will Benefit from Customer Service Call Center Outsourcing:

  1. Focus. Head-ache mitigation by migrating the human resource management and components of IT and technology management to an outsourced call center will allow better use of financial resources and will allow the enterprise to focus on its core products or services.
  2. Cost efficiencies. The enormous costs related to human resource management and IT management are best placed in the hands of those whose core business it is to create efficiencies around these complex processes. The concept of moving to an “op-ex” model for people and technology  derives many financial and accounting benefits for the enterprise.
  3. Enhanced Coverage. An outsourced call center is typically in a much better position to provide coverage across a diverse set of criteria:
    • 24 x 7 x 365
    • late nights, weekends, Sundays
    • Overflow
    • Languages
    • Specific skill sets or experience types
    • Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 specialization

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  1.  Contact Center Technology. Outsourced contact centers generally leverage the latest technology and through scale, have greater experience and ability to deploy software tools and practices that favorably impact customer experience. Contact centers employ IT and operational staff that work with the most state of the art tools and practices that are in the best position possible to apply those tools to the benefit of their enterprise clients.

Customer service call center outsourcing is the most logical method to effectively and efficiently ensure the highest level of customer experience, customer satisfaction, and timely resolution of customer problems. Outsourced call centers and contact centers are uniquely positioned to respond to customer needs, in the fastest, most satisfactory and resolution-based ways available in the marketplace.

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