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Call Center Success Stories

Below are a few examples of client results. How can we help you?

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Callzilla Increases revenue for Inbound and Outbound Sales Client through Training and Process Optimization, System Automation, and Team Work.

Our client was looking to increase their revenue in 2020, and hired Callzilla not only as a vendor, but as a business partner. During the onboarding process, Callzilla analyzed current processes and made adjustments that would prove successful right from the start. Callzilla added a new communication channel, updated the training strategy, and automated system processes which resulted in immediate revenue increase for our client.

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A leading provider of resin-based household and garden consumer products increased their CSAT results by 21% in just 90 days.

A leading provider of resin-based household and garden consumer products was unhappy with the current level of Customer Experience. Callzilla increased the client's CSAT results by 21% in just 90 days and decreased the client's AHT by 34% in just 30 days.

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Commercial Lender Extends Funding Offers 30% Faster with Callzilla

A merchant lender was disappointed with performance at its India-based contact center. Callzilla cut turnaround time on its offers by 30% and improved accuracy by 20%.

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Top skin care brand chooses Callzilla, Average Order Value Rises 200%

A company selling skin care products globally was struggling with sales to Spanish speakers. Callzilla reversed the slide, and the client expanded our role.

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Media Giant Outsources Top Band's Customer Care & Sales for the First Time, to Callzilla®

A top music producer asked Callzilla to support sales and customer care for one of the most prominent bands in history. Callzilla upgraded their customer care within weeks.

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Callzilla improves customer experience for cosmetic client, and average order value increases 2x.

A client needed to reduce call abandons and raise AOV. We helped do it by focusing on customer experience quality.

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A high performance skincare brand partnered with Callzilla to design a video chat service. The potential revenue increase by 83% when using Callzilla’s video chat channel.

 A high performance skincare brand partnered with Callzilla to design a video chat service that would mimic in-person consultations in a time when brick and mortar stores were closed. Callzilla’s video chat service brought 12% higher conversion rate than traditional channels and insured little to no interruption in revenue.

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Multimedia Firm Chooses Callzilla, First Contact Resolution Rises 20%

A CD, DVD and book retailer added Callzilla to its roster of two existing contact centers. Callzilla outperformed the other centers on quality, performance and cost.

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Software Firm Improves Call Conversions from 2% to 16% with Callzilla

A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.

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Broadcaster Chooses Calzilla, Average Response Time Improves 96%

A global sports network was taking an average of three days to respond to customers' emails. Within 90 days of hiring Callzilla, average response time dropped by 96%.

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Media giant turns to Callzilla for assistance with their customer care operations.

A top music producer outsourced their sales and customer care calls for products related to a popular artist in their portfolio. With a focus on contact center quality, Callzilla was able to onboard and assume operations. After the first 90 days, First Call Resolution (FCR) increased to 93%, Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSat) improved to a level of 95% satisfaction, and the client expanded the engagement to add email and live chat support channels.

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Callzilla revamped the ChatBot for a high profile Ed-Tech client with a goal of improving customer experience and decreasing costs by 43% for the year.

We measured the bot's performance over 4 months based on it's self-learning capabilities and some manual optimization, and compared it to the year's performance overall. In this case study, you’ll find 34% Improvement in ChatBot's Solve Rate, 38% Decrease in Live Agent Escalations, 43% Cost Savings for the Year and 125% of Additional Savings in Q4 as Compared to Q2 Driven by Bot's Self-Learning Capabilities.

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Apparel Retailer Improves QA Scores in 60 Days with Callzilla

An apparel retailer tapped Callzilla for extra help during the holiday rush. In 60 days, we outperformed their other center on QA scores and other metrics.

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Auto Seller Raises Direct Response Campaign ROI with Callzilla

An auto reseller's contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla outperformed its predecessor across the board.

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Wireless Giant Improves Saves, First Contact Resolution, with Callzilla

A U.S. wireless carrier had been outsourcing to call centers in the Philippines, India, Palestine, and Ohio. In 7 months, Callzilla outperformed all on first contact resolution.

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Commercial Entertainment Provider allocates 100% of tier 1 calls to Callzilla following flexible inbound and outbound customer support.

A commercial entertainment company enlisted Callzilla’s assistance to alleviate the stress of attrition in their call center. When an urgent request changed our original course, our team led an outbound campaign to promote returns of old devices. Following our efforts, the client saw a 200% increase in returns. Additionally, there was a 38% increase for Interactions Handled. Our performance drove the client to outsource 100% of its tier 1 customer service calls to Callzilla.

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