4 Things Your Call Center Outsourcing Should Do

A call center and contact center should communicate with customers pre-transaction, during transaction, and post-transaction, to answer questions and resolve problems. Call Center outsourcing services should alleviate headaches, remove operational and financial constraints serving customers, and most importantly should offer customers resolution and satisfaction in the shortest amount of time after the lowest possible amount of effort.

1. Pre-transaction and During-transaction interaction

An outsourced contact center should help consumers by responding to questions which should facilitate the buying decision process and lead to a transaction. The contact center must be available to help customers, answer questions about product features and benefits, pricing, purchase process, shipping, and billing, and must be able to do so across the communication channels that consumers prefer for that particular brand or product.


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2. Post Transaction Customer Care

Call center outsourcing services need to include post-sale care, so that consumers that have already purchased something, can ask questions about the purchase including use of the product, billing, shipping, returns, credits, trouble-shooting, and support. Similarly, the contact should be able to respond to inquiries from customers across the communication channels relevant to each brand and product. Care should take place with as little wait time as possible, with as little time to process and resolve the question or problem, and should require the most minimal level of effort possible such that the customer can feel satisfied with these interactions and that resolution has been achieved in as few interactions as possible and hopefully on the first interaction.

3. Value

The contact center providing outsourcing services must offer value as the substitute to in-house labor. At least one of the outsourced contact center’s performance, quality, productivity, availability, scalability, and/or cost must represent an improvement over in-house sourcing. Cost is typically the principle factor that drives an outsourcing relationship, but the other variables often occupy an important weight in the evaluation process.

4. Consultative Relationship

Call center outsourcing services need to be offered in a consultative relationship. The outsourcer must continually identify pain points and propose solutions, through changes to people, process, and technology. The outsourcer must not only be a follower of the rules of the game but must also always be aware of how to help improve customer experience and how to remove effort and cost from service delivery. While the outsourced contact center might not always possess each and every tool under its own tool belt, it should know where to go to source solutions that address recurring root causes to problems between a brand and its customers.

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About the Author: Neal Topf

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