We had the opportunity to host this week’s ICMI chat on Twitter, which worked out perfectly with Customer Service Week. This week’s well-attended session was on Creating High Performance Culture.

To kick things off, we posted a welcome video to set the stage for the chat:

One interesting thread that popped up early on in the chat was the real-time, real-life example of Belkin’s customer service issue. It was fun to engage in a conversation around customer service concerns happening in real time.


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A recurring theme in the chat was to show, don’t tell as far as expectations go for customers and agents. High performance culture encompasses everyone in the organization, not just the owners, operators and managers.

We discussing the importance of allowing agents to have a say in what they are evaluated on and also what the incentives are to reach goals and KPIs. As we have covered before, not everyone is motivated in the same way. It is important to gain insights on what agents would like to see implemented in culture building programs.

Many of our participants agreed that it is possible to drive results and improve morale on the way to creating a high performance culture. Thanks for making this chat a great one!

There’s still time to thank your employees for great customer service. Check out these ecards from the ICMI! Don’t forget, you can always go to icmi.com to find the weekly Tweet chat recaps.

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