Social Media
Monitoring & Engagement

Improve your online reputation with rapid responses to your customers interactions across your social media channels.

Customer Service is not just answering calls and emails anymore. Today’s consumers are sharing their experiences online and your business needs to be able to rapidly respond to all mentions – both positive and negative.

Callzilla is adept at engaging with and providing prompt customer support on multiple social media channels including but not limited to; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat as well as review sites.

We facilitate this engagement via:




How Your Customers Will Benefit

Quick Response

Your customers will receive a prompt response to their question or review for a quicker resolution.

Better Service

Your prompt response makes your customers feel heard and supported.

Talk to Real People

Customers will make a real connection with real agents to increase overall satisfaction.


You Can’t Argue With Numbers


of internet users reply on social media for product research.


of customers demand faster response times.


of customers want to experience communication with a business.

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What Your Business Gets
From Our Services

Custom Solutions

Depending on your business’ exact needs, Callzilla will tailor a social media monitoring solution just for you. You can utilize our service for customer support as well as reputation management.

Use of New/Existing Social Platforms

Whether your business has existing social media platforms or you need to create them, Callzilla works with most online social platforms.

Dedicated Callzilla Agents

You will receive seasoned, articulate customer support agents that work only for you – increasing the authenticity of their online interactions with your customers.

Retain Customers

Through the utilization of our social media monitoring and engagement, you can guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately resulting in the retention of valued customers for the long term.

Experience the Difference of Dedicated Support

Let Callzilla bridge the gap between curious prospect
and loyal customer.