What is call center management?

Call center management is the process of running the daily operations of a call center in which leadership develops and monitors quality customer interactions for all customers. Supervisors utilize proper call center software to educate their agents on good customer care. It is important that contact center agents be excellent communicators who are equipped with extensive knowledge on products and services. A successful call center starts with the agent engaging with customers and focusing on phone call resolution.

The Do’s and the Don’ts

  • DO focus on call quality and call resolution
    Customers contacting a call center typically means they have a problem that needs to be solved. It is best to encourage employees to focus on the quality of their call and engagement with the customers to ensure a complete resolution of the issue at hand.
  • DON’T just focus on call volume or call time
    When you focus on lowering phone call time and increasing volume of calls per hour, it strains workers and lowers the quality of the call because they are trying to meet their time limits. It’s important to trust your contact center agents and their judgment! You can also utilize a call back system to limit customer waiting times on hold.
  • DO utilize up to date call center technology
  • DON’T rely on angry customers to tell you it’s outdated.
    When companies utilize outdated call center software, customers can tell! This can result in a frustrated customer and angry customers result in upset staff which results in even angrier customers.


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  • DO educate call center agents on products and services
    All agents should remain up to date on all policy changes and products and services within the company. When changes are made, be sure that the whole team is notified and all changes are understood! A confused agent is a guaranteed angry customer.
  • DON’T expect the agents to learn about them on their own
    While sending out an email or posting a notice may be quick, it is not very effective. If having a meeting to go over changes is not possible, asking employees to respond in a way that ensures they understand the change is another option. Properly informed employees are key for a successful call center.
  • DO focus on workforce management
    Engaging with your employees and encouraging a positive working environment is a great tool for employee retention and morale!
  • DON’T blame wait times on agents
    Analyze the reason for any sudden increase in wait times. Is there a breakdown in the call center software or protocol used by call center agents?
  • DO go with a quality-first contact center!
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About the Author: Neal Topf

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