Callzilla recently celebrated the memory of Sylvia Caballero, our beloved Client Services Manager who passed away tragically one year ago, on April 16th, 2017. To commemorate Sylvia’s hard work and long term commitment to Callzilla, we created the Sylvia Caballero Service Award to be given annually to an employee that demonstrates adherence to our company mission and vision of support of clients and commitment to experience.

The first award was given posthumously to Sylvia for her hard work and dedication to our clients and in celebration of her 6 year anniversary, achieved just days before her death.

sylvia caballero award

The celebration included the participation of her husband and two beautiful children, who fondly remembered their mother and her around-the-clock commitment to Callzilla’s clients.

Callzilla looks forward to converting the Sylvia Caballero Service Award in to an annual celebration of an employee that continually demonstrates understanding and action around the importance of supporting our clients and their mission to provide the most optimal customer experiences possible.

We miss Sylvia greatly and are forever grateful to her for setting the standard for service very high.

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