Speech Analytics: Intelligenc from Recorded CallsIn the call center business, keeping track of data is essential to determine how successful operations are. The Number of calls received, number of minutes an agent takes on a single call, number of times the customer calls until their inquiry is solved, and of course, the amount of positive or negative surveys on customer satisfaction. For Callzilla, quality and satisfaction are a priority, and that’s why all of this data is compiled and analyzed using Speech Analytics, a system that is able to give us a clear idea of what our contact centers are excelling at and in what aspects the operation must be reviewed. Follow along and find out how this revolutionary technology is changing the QA game forever.

Use of Key Words to Pinpoint Specific Moments

The amount of calls a contact center receives is too much for only QA analysts to handle, and this is where the software comes into play. Speech recognition technology detects certain words and phrases and categorizes them depending on whether they are related to customer interactions, customer satisfaction, or even customized categories that are essential for the business. These categories are what we call “moments”. The program goes as far as highlighting the moments in each recording for the analyst to find it right away. So, while the software is running call recordings, live analysts can focus on said specific moments and design strategies to improve or maintain them.

Moments Labeled by Percentages for Easier Management

To make processes even more efficient, moments that go through this intuitive AI are labelled into positive, negative, or neutral, depending on the information your business requires, and each type of moment has a percentage: while positive moments are supposed to have the highest scores, negative moments are to have the lowest percentage, and neutrals are just for information purposes. This allows you to have even broader business insights and historical data to compare how percentages have changed during a certain period of time.

Room to Improve Itself Using Previous Information

Everything that runs through this software can and will be recalled by it in order to make searches more accurate. If the company is looking for keywords used during customer service moments, it just takes a few clicks to find what words are found the most during the calls, and what words might be misleading for the program and might be labeling moments wrong. You could, as an example, check things like script compliance, in case your company is promoting a new service and you want to make sure agents are giving the correct information to the callers, or filter your search to find a specific customer experience and how agents handle it.

The use of conversational analytics in call center outsourcing is an amazing option to complement your QA team. It can provide you with information like the handle time your agents spend on customer service calls, how well they manage situations with risk customers, and even how often callers are asking for information about a specific topic you are interested in.

If you still want to know more about this great tool, check out our blog entry about Observe.AI, our speech analytics solution. If you wish to have this awesome this service in your contact center operation, wait no more and contact us! We’d be more than happy to work with you.

About the Author: Neal Topf

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