Nearshoring: what does it mean?

As you already know, a nearshore company provides certain services that companies need and wish not to break the bank for, but there are numerous perks of working with this type of outsourcer that we would like our potential partners to know. Here are 10 examples of what nearshoring means for you and your company.

1. The best cost effective option

Nearshoring means sending certain operations to a nearby country, which might bring the question, “won’t this cost me more than having these same operations in-house?” Well, if you already have the training, software, hardware, and other things required for the job, the answer is “Yes.” Otherwise, having a nearshoring partner like us will give you all of this for a much lower price. Utilizing the business infrastructure already in place with your nearshore call centers is a huge benefit.

2. The perfect balance between cost and quality

We would be lying if we said nobody is looking to save money when outsourcing. In fact, the United States is one of the main countries that relies on nearshoring in order to lower the labor costs without sacrificing quality. Your nearshore call center providers balance cost and quality, giving you a similar level of service to an in-house center with the benefit of their established resources.

3. Personnel highly trained for the services required

Here at Callzilla we strive to make sure the services we provide are of a much higher quality than our competitors. In fact, we recently launched a new E-Learning platform where agents receive different workshops, courses, and up-to-date information in order to be at the forefront of industry trends.

4. Similar time schedules equal better communication

Unlike offshore outsourcing, nearshore partners are usually found in places with a similar time zone as their clients, so the time difference won’t be an issue in case immediate communication is required.

5. Business is closer to home

Similarly, vendors are strategically located in nearby countries. This shortens travel times in case our partners are interested in visiting nearshore locations for training or to check on their operations.

6. The appropriate facilities and infrastructure

One of the benefits of nearshoring with us is the excellent infrastructure your company will have access to; Bogotá, for instance, has a widespread telecommunications network, transportation options, and well-equipped facilities to cater to the needs of your business.

7. Automated services to improve customer experience

One of the biggest advantages of nearshore outsourcing with Callzilla are the various automated services we offer; In addition to the classic ChatBot, we also offer services like interactive voice response (IVR) and automated customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, that improve the agents’ efficiency and the overall customer experience.

8. Better partner-client communication

An offshoring company offers the most cost-effective option in terms of outsourcing services, but the language barriers might pose serious issues in terms of healthy work relationships and overall performance of outsourced departments (especially in the case of customer service). In contrast, nearshoring teams often have more training in this area, and speak a higher level of English and Spanish required to communicate with most US customers and business leaders.

9. A multicultural workforce

To give a more specific example, Bogotá is a highly preferred nearshoring partner given their cultural and language ability with the US; most of the bilingual population resides in Bogotá, and the city is a meeting spot for people all around the globe, which provides a highly skilled and multicultural work pool and avoids issues like cultural discrepancies between partners.

10. A multilingual center to expand your reach

Callzilla is one of the few contact centers that offers services in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) and, as it is widely known, the United States is a multilingual country. This means the more languages the company provides, the further your business is able to expand. Believe it or not, there are more advantages of nearshore outsourcing with us.

About the Author: Neal Topf

Neal Topf, a seasoned contact center expert, is dedicated to transforming customer experiences. With years of industry wisdom, he guides businesses to excellence. His articles provide actionable insights for live answering, tech support, appointment scheduling, and implementing automated services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and operational efficiency.