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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Life Doesn't Follow a Script. Why Should a Contact Center?

Delivering a great customer experience comes down to getting the basics right.

Contact Center Partners Discuss Strategy

We're not setting out on a complex research project to cure cancer or develop a new computer chip. Delivering a great customer experience comes down to getting the basics right.

Your customers want our help in getting information, placing an order or solving a problem. If we can do that while also providing some "wow" moments, we'll reap great rewards. Because those "wow" moments translate into incredible things: dollars and cents, lifetime values and customer emotions that go beyond mere satisfaction.

Our task, then, is to reduce the challenge to its essence and try to understand human behavior, try to understand what makes people tick, what makes them happy, what makes them satisfied.

Stopping the Contact Center Noise

There's also a lot of noise out there. Too many companies boast they have the fanciest new tools, as if that has any correlation with customer experience or helps teams become winners.

The latest contact center technology can be helpful, but unless agents are highly trained, motivated, and have the right skill sets, you can't succeed. That means measuring how well your outsourced contact center agents are interacting with end customers, providing effective coaching, being proactive in client services, and a lot more.

But it's not the pie chart that will make your customer service function a success; it's making sure that the agents can (and are allowed to) stop talking and listen to the customers when they need to.

Contact Centers Should Communicate Effectively

One way to keep the focus on the customer is to put an emphasis on communication. At Callzilla, we try to make sure everybody on our team understands what the client wants us to deliver. Then we try to make sure our agents are free to use their heads and think about how they can improve the end customer experience and the client experience.

Life doesn't follow a script. Why should a contact center? We have the ability to make a positive impression on customers' lives, to make them glad they contacted us. Why not take advantage of that?

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