Inbound Calls: The Complete Guide to Increase Performance

Nowadays, you will find the majority of a company’s customer service team accessible through the phone as opposed to in person. This shift has given customers the opportunity to receive help and information they need right from the comfort of their own homes. Customers in need no longer need to worry about waiting in line at a store and leaving behind their other responsibilities in order to resolve their issue in person. Operating a company with a large number of incoming calls is difficult without an inbound calling strategy. Utilizing a call center can better the customer experience, decrease wait times and increase performance within the company.

What are the different types of call centers?

  • Inbound call centers
    In this type of call center, customers initiate contact with incoming calls. The customer support agents receive phone calls from existing customers and potential customers where they then provide information and assistance regarding company products and services. Inbound call center agents
  • Outbound call centers
    Outbound call centers focus on cold calling customers for organizations in order to accomplish specific goals. These goals may include selling products and services or providing lead generation to find future customers.
  • Blended call centers
    These call centers provide the optimal customer experience. They provide customers a point of contact for technical support and information as well as providing organizations with the opportunity to contact their clientele directly.


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Inbound customer contact options

Providing options for customers to contact call centers is an important part of running a successful call center. These options will allow for the optimal customer experience. Focusing on the customer experience increases performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Inbound phone calls
    Of course there is the typical inbound phone call option where call center agents receive calls and are connected with customers instantly to help solve any problems and answer any questions.  
  • Chat options
    Live chat and bot chat options are great ways to provide an accessible call center solution to meeting the needs of a wide variety of clientele and increasing the customer experience. These options can also decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Live Chat
    Providing the option to customers to live chat with call center agents instead of talk on the phone provides accessibility to those who can not talk on the phone but still require assistance. Not only does this option decrease wait times within the phone ques, but it also allows for businesses to better monitor issues encountered by customers. Live chat agents also are provided the opportunity to send necessary links, and a greater amount of information regarding products and services directly to the customer.
  • Bot Chat
    Callzilla’s website provides the perfect example of the bot chat option. Clients can enter the website and receive answers to any of their questions at just a click of their keyboard! This type of call center technology can free up inbound call center agents time to answer more pressing questions and solve more complicated customer issues.

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