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Contact center outsourcing allows business to focus on their core competencies and effectively manage human resource and IT cost centers to enable enhanced and sustainable business growth.Businesses aren’t experts at everything. Its natural for businesses to have competencies and value propositions.

Business should focus on what they’re experts on…

Typically, customer care does not fall into the competencies that businesses seamlessly and innately create. The costs to do so are great, the learning curve is long, and the focus can be overly intensive for companies to opt to pour limited resources into a discipline that is resource-needy. 

Thus, contact center outsourcing was born, enabling companies to execute upon the components of their business in which they excel, while displacing those that are more difficult such as the management of customer contacts.Contact center outsourcing can typically save an enterprise no less than 30% over the costs of handling the same functions in-house. 

Save time and money

Migrating away from the cost structure associated with recruitment, selection, hiring, training, coaching in favor of contact center outsourcing traditionally leads to savings that are better utilized in hiring a vendor manager to oversee the relationship with the outsourced contact center. The costs of salaries plus benefits and taxes on contact center agents and staff are far greater than those of an outsourced contact center, whether onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Similarly, the IT costs associated with contact center software and hardware, and telecommunications are costs that can easily be rationalized placed in the hands of a contact center outsourcing provider. When enterprises are allowed to remove premise-based resources (traditionally a cap-ex model) or cloud-based resources (op-ex model) to the books of the outsourcer, the enterprise immediately realizes significant savings in time as well as to the bottom line.

The costs of the physical space (real estate) as well as the furnishings are excessive as well and better distributed when on the books of the outsourcer.

Business growth will become a natural result as enterprises focus on what they’re very good at or at what they are able to manage efficiently and cost-effectively. The contact center resource needy, and thus its difficult for enterprises to become proficient at all the elements of effective contact center management.

At the end, the logical decision is to adopt contact center outsourcing to displace the challenges related to customer management into the hands of organizations whose sole function it is to hire, train, and oversee the people to manage these complex activities and the technology needed to make sure the communication is seamless.

About the Author: Neal Topf

Neal Topf, a seasoned contact center expert, is dedicated to transforming customer experiences. With years of industry wisdom, he guides businesses to excellence. His articles provide actionable insights for live answering, tech support, appointment scheduling, and implementing automated services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and operational efficiency.