Call Center Speech Analytics: ensure better business outcomes

Speech analytics technologies are the must-have tool of today in the call center environment. Analytics enable us to have a clear idea of how customer interactions are handled, gives us info on agent performance, and automates QA processes that used to be time-consuming and took an large amount of workforce to fulfill. At Callzilla we want you to know some of the perks that using speech analytics solutions brings to your business, so follow along!

First Things First: What Exactly is a Speech Analytics Software?

To put it simply, a speech analytics software is like a super powered QA specialist, analyzing 100% of all call recordings and classifying them according to the specific settings programmed by the business it is implemented with. If, for instance, a company wants to promote a discount on their services during customer service calls, they can look for key words from the script agents are to use. In other cases, a business’ priority might be related to customer churn, so it is essential to know how customer care is being handled. This tool is already programmed with a specific tab on customer satisfaction moments, so that’s where you’ll find this info.

And How Exactly Does it Do All of That?

A speech analytics software works with speech-to-text transcripts, that allow it to quickly identify whatever input it is programmed to monitor. It hears the recording, turns it into a text script, classifies it into different categories, and even flags the specific parts that need to be reviewed, all done in real time. This AI is even programmed to identify certain tones of voice, which is incredibly useful for quality assurance processes on customer satisfaction and voice of customer; this, of course, because it is always easier to identify negative moments than positive ones on customer care calls.

Great! But What are the Benefits My Business is Getting From Using This Tool?

The most important is a considerable cost reduction on your QA department. You won’t need to hire more workforce than is needed, and the analysts you have will be focused on more complex cases that the tool cannot review by itself. It also simplifies data, since you won’t have to get information from different departments in order to have an overview of how the business is running. You will find everything inside the software, and with exact numbers. Contact centers are all about quality, and it is hard to keep track of in-call quality issues like risk customers with the amount of calls handled. Speech analytics provides historical data to check specific issues, so your company can focus on strategies to improve the customer experience. As a bonus, you can use the tool for other purposes, such as marketing; if you are looking for specific customer information in order to predict how interested your users will be on another product you want to release, it just takes a quick search and you will have all the info on it. The possibilities are truly endless.

This was just the tip of the iceberg, but if you want to know more about how exactly this software works, read our blog entry on Speech Analytics technology. If you are ready to improve your business’ processes with Callzilla, contact us. We are eager to hear from you.

About the Author: Neal Topf

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