Automated Voice Broadcasting and
Text Messaging

Elevate your communication with mass messages to each and every customer.

Revolutionize your communication with our cutting-edge Automated Voice and Text Messaging solutions. Seamlessly blending the power of voice and text, our broadcast messaging service empowers you to connect effortlessly with your audience. From personalized messages to automated customer notifications, our technology simplifies interactions, enhances engagement, and streamlines communication like never before.

Dial out to multiple phone numbers simultaneously with a recorded voice message or send a mass text message to your entire customer base.

You can choose to utilize one or both communication methods:

Voice Broadcast Messaging

Mass SMS Messaging

How Your Customers Will Benefit

Better Communication

Your customers will receive consistent communication to better their customer journey.

Better Service

Your customer will receive important messages when they need them most.

Personalized Messages

Your customers will receive messages and notifications tailored to their specific interests.


You Can’t Argue With Numbers


of consumers opt for automated messages over visiting a website for the latest updates.


of customers check their text messages within 30 seconds.

Satisfied Clients


Since 2005


What Your Business Gets
From Our Services

Custom Solutions

Depending on your business’ exact needs, Callzilla will tailor a solution just for you. Callzilla can help you create, or we can create, recordings and messages that can be sent out to your target audiences.

Use of New or Existing Platforms

Whether your business has existing mass messaging platforms or you need to create them, the agents at Callzilla work with most platforms to automate your messages.

Dedicated Callzilla Agents

You will receive hand-picked agents with industry experience that will work only for you. Resulting in effective training and learning for better customer experiences.

Save Time & Money

Through the utilization of our automated broadcast messaging services, you save time and money from making laborious outbound phone calls or sending numerous text messages.

Experience the Difference of Dedicated Support

Let Callzilla bridge the gap between curious prospect
and loyal customer.