“Training agents is mission critical in the customer service industry, whether your agents are in-house, offshore, onshore, nearshore, or outsourced.”

Our recent article, posted on ICMI.com, features four important tips worth considering during the contact center agent training process.

Four Tips For Training Outsourced Agents

  • Train often, consistently, and for the right things.
  • Train international agents on the ways of the U.S.
  • Make “brand voice” a top priority.
  • Practice empathy and understanding.

The contact center environment is continuously evolving, but these four tips can create genuine customer interactions. Being consistent, and truly educating agents on brand voice, empathy, and understanding, can set them up for success. When training outsourced agents, it’s crucial to emphasize soft skills, train for situation management and de-emphasize rote learning.

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About the Author: Neal Topf

Neal Topf, a seasoned contact center expert, is dedicated to transforming customer experiences. With years of industry wisdom, he guides businesses to excellence. His articles provide actionable insights for live answering, tech support, appointment scheduling, and implementing automated services, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and operational efficiency.