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Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Callzilla’s Customer Experience Vision Statement

Callzilla's Customer experience vision statementCallzilla has been undergoing some fundamental changes in a project that we refer to as “Callzilla 2.1”. As the customer service industry evolves, it’s also necessary for it’s providers to adapt with the times. We’re moving toward more automation, story telling in media, and more meaningful business practices. As part of this growth, Callzilla’s Operations Team, lead by Ramiro Peñaloza, was tasked with creating our Customer Experience Vision Statement.

For Callzilla 2.1 to be effective, each team needs a directive and a goal. The customer experience vision statement is our company’s directive in how to best support our clients and customers moving into this new era of service. We’re not only proud of the result, but of the process. Multi-disciplinary team collaboration has been the key to developing our identity and vision statement, as more than 100 Callzilla employees contributed at all levels of the organization.

Callzilla's customer experience vision statement

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Callzilla customer experience vision statemen
Callzilla customer experience vision statement
Callzilla customer experience vision statement
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We gathered the most common words into a word cloud, and picked out our 3 main ingredients to create a great customer experience: Empathy, Active Listening, and Resolution.

Customer Experience Vision

If you truly understand your customer’s needs and where they come from, you can find the most efficient solution to their situation. It’s not just about providing a solution, it’s about providing the right solution. At Callzilla, we want our customers and clients to feel heard and understood, so empathy is at the top of our list.

Customer Experience Vision

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There is nothing more frustrating than speaking with your customer service representative and feeling that their responses are scripted statements fed to everyone no matter the circumstance. Of course we know there are situations that require verbiage guidelines, but active listening combined with empathy can make all the difference in deescalating a situation. Customers are far more likely to accept an undesirable outcome if they feel their representative is doing the best they can to assist, while also coming from a place of genuine understanding and care. Sometimes all it takes is giving the customer the time and space to say what they came to say.

Customer Experience Vision

The combination of empathy and active listening is important to ensure our customers feel valued, but our end goal at Callzilla is always resolution. A swift, efficient, and appropriate resolution is what we strive for. This piece of the puzzle is for more than just our front line employees. Our management team and back office departments all work together to ensure our team members have the tools, support, and autonomy they need to give our customers a timely resolution in each situation.

Customer Experience Vision

Each piece to the puzzle makes us stronger as a whole, and each adds it’s own value to our customer experience vision statement:

A Human Network that Listens and Understands their Customers to Create Positive Experiences through Delivering Solutions.

We are excited to move into this new chapter of providing excellent service at all levels, and to grow our business with this statement in mind. To learn more about the services we offer, please reach out to us here.

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