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Automated Services

Automated services allow customers to troubleshoot and find answers to their questions without interacting with a live agent or representative. For simple inquiries such as password resets or one-to-one questions, automated customer service can be an efficient option for customers seeking quick responses.

chat bot


Our chatbot provides fully or semi automated communications with a customer. A set of pre-programmed responses are prepared by Callzilla and our clients to be able to address frequently asked questions, direct them to other sources on your website, or answer questions that are simple to resolve. A decision tree structure exists in the programming to be able to respond to a planned set of questions, without intervention by a customer care agent.

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Voice bot

Conversational Virtual Assistant (Voice Bot)

Also known as a conversational virtual assistant, a voicebot is a fully automated tool to have two way conversations, inbound or outbound, with customers. A set of preprogrammed responses are prepared together by Callzilla and our clients to receive and respond to inbound questions and problems and make calls and have conversations in outbound calls.

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SMS is a text messaging service that can be utilized to reach consumers straight to their phones. This service can be utilized as a way to mass deliver announcements for your business, or as an interactive customer experience.

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Powered by WhatsApp, SMS is a text messaging service that can be utilized to reach consumers straight to their phones. This service can be utilized as a way to mass deliver announcements for your business, or as an interactive customer experience.

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Voice broadcast messaging

Voice Broadcast Messaging

Voice Broadcast Messaging is a tool that allows you to dial out to multiple phone numbers simoultaneously with a recorded voice message. This is an automated service that takes the hassle out of making manuel outbound calls with the same message. This tool can be utilized to make a uniform annoucement to your consumers, or as an initial contact that prompts the user to connect with a live agent.

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The Callback function gives your customers the opportunity to hold their spot in line, without waiting on the phone. Callzilla can input this service into your IVR, prompting the customer to wait on the line or press any number for a call back. The customer can then hang up, and our system will hold their place in the queue. 

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Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that assists incoming callers in navigating your phone system before speaking with a live representative. This is an automated service that interacts with your callers. The IVR is a self help option that directs your customers through a flow, to ensure they are connected with the correct department or representative. 

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CSAT and Voice of Customer

CSAT and Voice of Customer (VOC)

Callzilla offers various ways to measure Customer Satisfaction, one of which is through a post-call phone survey. The customer can be automatically transferred to a survey after the completion of their call to answer a series of questions about their experience. 

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What are the benefits of automated customer support?

Customers benefit because they don’t have to wait in a queue for a representative to come available since AI virtual assistants can interact with an infinite number of customers at the same time. On the business side, this is a cost-effective option because you’re cutting down on agent costs. This includes not only agent salaries, but the cost to train them and facility if you’re able to automate all or the majority of a service.

What services can be automated?

When thinking of automated services, most people think of a ChatBot. This is certainly a popular option, and can be the most cost-effective service for a business with a big team looking to cut costs. However, automated services can also be as simple as creating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to get your customers to the correct representative when they call in, or adding a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) to the end of a call. 

What automated services does Callzilla offer?

  • ChatBot
  • VoiceBot (Conversational Virtual Assistant)
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Voice Broadcast Services
  • Callbacks
  • IVR
  • CSAT and Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • Automatic Dialer

What is a ChatBot and how does it work?

ChatBot is our most popular automated service. Callzilla will develop the virtual ChatBot on your behalf, and it is simply embedded in your website or mobile app as a widget through a string of code. We will create a custom HTML (HyperText Markup Language) page which you will connect to your domain using a DNS (Domain Name System). Our ChatBots can appear as a pop-up window on the bottom of your website/mobile app, or as an automated search feature on an FAQ page.

What does Callzilla need from me for ChatBot implementation?

  1. We’ll need to know how you’re hosting your website.
  2. We’ll need access to your DNS records. Callzilla fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How can ChatBots be Customized?

Our ChatBots are fully customizable on the frontend, backend, and as a service offering.

  • Frontend customization: You can choose the look of your ChatBot window and the name of your bot. The color scheme, font, size of the window, which pages it appears on, etc. are all customizable.
  • Backend customization: All phrases your bot uses, the business rules, and reporting dashboards are customizable. Callzilla can develop an AI conversational ChatBot, with an open text box where your bot responds to customers as if they are a live agent. Alternatively, we can design the bot with more automated options, giving customers different buttons to choose to help them move through your decisions tree. Most clients will choose a combination of both. How the bot operates is also customizable, for example the amount of time between the customer’s question and bot’s response, timer for closing the window and prompting a CSAT, and live agent transfers when bot isn’t understanding.
  • Service Offering: You can choose to implement a ChatBot to fully replace a customer service team, meaning the bot handles 100% of customer inquiries. However, there is also an option to have a combination service. We can set it up so the bot only handles tier 1 inquiries or certain topics and then transfers to a live agent. Live agent transfers can be done via chat, email, or phone. For phone transfers, there is a “click to call” option. If the customer is chatting from a mobile app on their phone, they’ll be able to automatically dial the live customer service team. If the customer is chatting from a computer, it’ll prompt them to dial through connected programs such as WhatsApp or Skype if available. This is the type of service that goes beyond customer expectations.

How can I get more information on Callzilla’s ChatBots?

The best way to get the full picture, or determine what kind of ChatBot is right for your business, is to book a ChatBot demo with us. You can book a free demo here, adding specific questions in the open text box, or just booking with your contact information for a general demo.

What’s the difference between VoiceBots and ChatBots?

VoiceBots are set up similarly on the backend, and just as customizable. The difference is that the bot assists customers over the phone instead of through a Chat window on your website or mobile app. The “voice” of an chatbot voice assistant can be a pre-recorded voice of your choosing, or text-to-speech. The benefits of a pre-recorded voice is that it sounds more natural, since it is an actual human voice. However, there is less flexibility in a pre-recorded voice because the responses are only as detailed/flexible as the recordings. Text-to-speech sounds more robotic (although the technology is improving rapidly), but allows you the flexibility of creating many responses or decision trees, and even adding a machine-learning component.

What’s the difference between VoiceBots and Voice Broadcasting services?

Callzilla uses VoiceBots as a conversational support tool, or AI assistant bot. This can be an inbound or outbound phone service, where the customer can interact with the bot as if it’s a conversation with a live representative. Voice broadcasting is usually just one outbound message sent via phone call to a pre-determined list of contacts with an automatic dialer. The message is a pre-recorded voice, and usually does not allow for customer responses other than confirming personal information or prompting a transfer to a live agent.

What’s the difference between SMS and WhatsApp services?

The SMS service that Callzilla offers is an automated texting service. It can be used to send mass messages to a customer or lead list, or as a bot conversation via text message. WhatsApp as we offer it is the same as SMS, just offered directly through the WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app outside of the United States, so we recommend this for clients with international clientele.

What is an IVR?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology that gives customers calling in via phone the ability to navigate to their desired representative or information without speaking to a live agent. The IVR uses pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech to help callers work through a pre-determined decision tree.

What is a callback service?

Callzilla’s callback service gives the customer the option to receive a callback from the next available representative as opposed to waiting on hold in the phone queue. Our callback technology has the ability to give the customer an estimated wait time based on the number of reps online, number of calls waiting, and average handle time. This helps the customer make a decision to stay waiting on the phone or opt for a callback, although they would have the same wait time with either decision.

How does a callback service improve your IVR?

We surveyed customers, and although some do prefer to wait on hold, most customers prefer to be given an option. Even if the customer opts to stay on the line, it improves the customer experience to be offered an option that helps to optimize their time. At Callzilla, we value our customer’s time, and know that the callback option gives our customers the opportunity to go on with their day while waiting the same length of time to speak with a representative about their question or concern.

What CSAT options does Callzilla offer?

Callzilla has the ability to provide CSAT or feedback options for any service we offer, including phone, email, live chat, ChatBot, VoiceBot, SMS, etc. They can be a simple thumbs up/thumbs down indicator, or a more complex survey with Voice of Customer (VOC) and Net Promotor Score (NPS) formulas. CSATs will be recommended to clients on a custom basis depending on the program and channel type.

How do you measure VOC?

  • Direct observations
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Complaint data
  • Customer service reps
  • Sales reps
  • Existing company data
  • Industry data