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Callzilla Team bios: NATALIA DIAZ

Natalia Diaz

General Manager - Colombia

Natalia graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia. Natalia has been the leader at Callzilla’s site since 2005, managing operations and finance and assuming ultimate responsibility for our company’s results and our clients’ success. She has participated in many international contact center events in Mexico and Colombia, and gathered diverse managerial experience and training within the call center industry as well as outside it.

Natalia originally worked for Exxon Mobil overseeing retail operations where she had her first insight into consumer relations and retail operations. Natalia is a consummate professional, team player, and is relentless in her results-focused approach in directing Callzilla’s Colombian facility.

Clients can feel confident in knowing that Natalia is the force behind the scenes, leading our team in pursuit of our clients’ objectives. Callzilla is comprised of a qualified team and highly trained staff to suit all your business needs in order to market your brand.

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