Working from Home with Vanessa Trujillo

Reflecting on 2020, no one expected this past year would change so many things in our lives! That’s what we first agreed on when I sat down to talk with Vanessa Trujillo about her experience as an agent during these trying times.

Having many years of experience in the call center industry, Vanessa never thought she would have the opportunity to work from home. Although there was a learning curve at first, she remained calm and trusted the process. As a Callzilla employee for nearly 4 years, she knew she could trust her company to come up with a solution that would be appropriate for these extraordinary circumstances.

Vanessa remembers one of the first things she thought when the lockdown started is how lucky she was compared to others in her industry. She has worked for other contact centers and still keeps in touch with some of the people she met throughout these years, so she knows it was not an easy process for everyone in this field. She understood and appreciated that the stability Callzilla offered was a blessing. “It is amazing how they were able to come up with a solution so quick!”, she said.


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As an agent for one of our E-learning programs, Vanessa gets to interact with people from all over the world, and she remembers they were also very impressed with her remote working situation. She recalls some consumers telling her, when the lockdown first started, that they were glad to know she was safe and working from home. Vanessa considers herself lucky to continue working with the type of customers that this Callzilla program offers.

Although she thought the biggest challenge would be dealing with the noise at home, as she lives with her parents and siblings, Callzilla helped her to set up her own workspace, and set boundaries with the rest of her household. She now has an organized set up where she can comfortably and confidently assist customers as she would from the office.

Vanessa of course misses interacting with her friends face-to-face on site, but Callzilla ensures that she has plenty of video and chat contact with their managers and peers. She has learned through this remote work situation to invest her time wisely. She chooses to work as an agent because she is also a College student, and this role provides her with flexibility in her schedule.

Vanessa has been working since she was 18 to pay for her studies and now, at age 24, she is very close to get her Law degree. Now more than ever, she has the time to focus on her Law degree while also remaining an efficient employee. This is the kind of entrepreneurial type people Callzilla is proud to support, and we’re just as lucky to have agents like Vanessa on our team.

About the Author: Neal Topf

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