Lead Acquisition: What is Lead Generation Strategy and How to Create It

Nowadays the process of selling a product goes way beyond just offering the product; it starts with interesting your potential clients with whatever you’re offering, getting to know them, identify their needs, and do as much as possible for them to fall in love with the product and end up buying it. But how exactly do we go from the annoying phone survey on a Saturday morning to a customer willing to invest in your company? This is where lead generation and lead acquisition come into play. On this new post we want to give you an idea of what this strategy is and how to implement it effectively in your company.

What exactly is a lead?

A lead is any person that could be potentially interested in a service or product you offer. Whether it is a woman on her twenties looking to purchase a cable service on her newly rented home, or a senior man hoping to find a more practical alternative than going to the store to get groceries, leads are essential to understand the market. But how exactly do we ensure the client’s fidelity towards the service or product we offer? Planning customer acquisition is essential.

How to generate leads effectively?

In order to go from “strangers” to “customers” and even promoters of your product, the process of acquiring leads must be as organic as possible. It means, try not to be invasive. Have you ever wondered if that telemarketer that called you a week ago just when you were about to have lunch to ask you about your preferences on cell phones got any other call through? I mean, who wants to have their lunch interrupted by a phone survey?

Generating leads is less disrupting and more providing; Something as simple as a blog post containing information on how to generate leads for your services, something essential for any business. A person interested in improving this service for their company finds this post and wants to know more. Suddenly, a message pops up. It says “Interested in knowing more about how to generate leads for your company? Subscribe to our newsletter and get a free mini-guide on how to implement different strategies to your business,” and a little box where they can submit their email. This is known as a Call-to-action (CTA), a message or button that encourages a visitor to do something, in this case, receive more information on Callzilla’s services, in exchange for an offered goodie.

Other way of generating leads for your company is through a lead-capturing form, a little form with that requests just the right information to be able to classify your leads into their different needs, that way you can provide them with the appropriate information and avoid having to gather the same information via phone call. Your marketing efforts should be targeted towards the positioning of this form, somewhere it is visible and clear for your visitors to see, but small enough to still have the offered content (the blog post, that is) as the center piece.

These are only some of the ways you can easily attract customers and generate leads for your company. If you are interested in acquiring lead generation services for your company don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer a wide range of services for our outsourcing partners, which you can read all about in this amazing guide Callzilla has designed.