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About us callzilla

Our clients say it best

The agent pool is among the best you can find, which is a reflection of the all the teams that support the process. Starting with the hiring process and continuously ongoing, the agents are provided the support they need to be successful for themselves, Callzilla and the partner."

My advice to new clients working with Callzilla is don’t be afraid to get to know the team (especially the agents)—they are what will make your campaign grow."

What sold me on partnering with Callzilla was the flexibility and attention to detail when it came to adapting to our unique customer base and evolving systems."

As our Callzilla Supervisor, Ana’s communication skills have been nothing short of excellent. When she needs help, she communicates the problem honestly and absorbs the solution quickly. She effectively relays information to her team and drives the needed results. Because of her willingness to learn and communicate, our customers’ experience has not diminished which is something that is not commonly seen while onboarding a third-party customer service team."

I feel good about how our teams have been working together and Callzilla’s ability to evolve with us. If we need to expand our team, Callzilla is definitely our first choice as a partner." 


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Welcome to Callzilla®

The Quality-First Contact Center

Miami-based Callzilla is a full-service outsourced contact center and BPO serving US and European enterprises. Clients hire us to handle their inbound customer communications, to manage back office processes, and/or to conduct outreach. More info is below. Visit callzilla.cx/flyer for a brochure (ungated) and follow @callzilla for updates.

Callzilla's Mission

Callzilla is a provider of high quality, customer experience-focused contact center solutions that contribute to high levels of customer satisfaction, resolution of their problems, and favorable experiences with our team.

Callzilla's Vision

To be recognized by our industry for providing high quality customer experiences and by our clients for high levels of Client Satisfaction.

Quick facts

  • Industry: Outsourcing, Business Services
  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Miramar, FL
  • Main contact center: Bogota, Colombia
  • Public/private: Privately held
  • Employees: 1000+
  • CEO: Neal Topf
  • Phone: 855-CLL-ZLLA
  • Website: www.callzilla.cx

Things to know about Callzilla

Quality assurance practices

Callzilla adheres to a rigorous Quality Policy per ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. Agent performance is measured frequently and at high granularity, and intervals. We tailor engagements to client KPIs.

Omni-channel capabilities

Customer service isn't just answering calls and emails. Callzilla is adept at engaging via social media, providing support via live chat, configuring SMS texting, coversing via email, and more.

Fees, cost structure, and projected value

Callzilla clients can have dedicated agents, shared agents, or both if needed. We strive to quantify the value we bring relative to our fees.

First-call resolution percentage

Among the most significant sources of customer frustration is a company's failure to resolve issues promptly. At an average of 90%, Callzilla's performance on first-call resolution is in the world's top tier.

Hiring, training, and retention

At a typical contact center, nearly all agents leave within a year. At the best ones, it's the opposite. Callzilla shares via published articles and case studies how agents are hired, trained, coached, and motivated? Last year, 83% staff stayed on into 2017 -- a rate several times the industry average.

Systems integration and QA

Callzilla is practiced at fully integrating with client systems. On average it takes 3 weeks from signed contract to an integrated, quality-tested system.

Client services and interaction calibration

Callzilla tailors reporting to each client's needs, proactively generates actionable recommendations to improve customer experience, and frequently seeks client feedback on results and finetuning the collaboration.

Value proposition overview

  • Outstanding on First Call Resolution: 90%
  • Industry-leading agent retention: 83% year over year
  • Fast onsite access: 3-6 hours to get onsite from U.S. cities
  • Unsurpassed quality: ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Better client ROI as demonstrated in a dozen case studies
  • Faster starts: onboarding takes as few as 14 days
  • Best Outsourcing Service Provider 2017 (ICMI)
  • Quality MVP, Silver (Customer®)
  • Top Customer Service Agents (ICMI)
  • Best Client Services Management (CCW)
  • Top 50 to Follow (ICMI)

Callzilla's Corporate Values

INTEGRITY: Our team characterized honesty, consistency, hard work, and fulfillment of our objectives. Execution is key. We treat our employees and our customers as we would like to be treated.

EXCELLENCE: We perform with high quality, pride and dedication with focus on achievement of results, customer satisfaction, and customer experience.

LEADERSHIP: We promote the personal and professional growth of our employees. We encourage our team members to participate, learn, and propose ways to help our company grow and our clients prosper.

PASSION: We deliver the best of ourselves, showing our sense of ownership and belonging and our commitment to the organization and its objectives.

EXECUTION: Completing tasks in a timely fashion and to their fullest level of completion and quality.

Callzilla's Quality Policies

We are highly committed to innovation and continuous improvement in our Quality Management System. We encourage the participation of our team, and the development of their skills to improve customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Client satisfaction.

Callzilla's Quality Objectives

1. Continuous improvement within our Quality Management System

2. Exceed expected performance (Quality, Satisfaction, Performance)

3. Enhance the knowledge and skills of our employees

4. Improve customer satisfaction, Employee experience, and Client experience

Have an RFP or need a quote?

We'd love the hear from you. Use the button below or give us a call at 855-CLL-ZLLA (9am-5pm Eastern).

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