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The Callzilla Difference

Years ago, Callzilla chose to hang its hat on quality. Ever since, we have been refining proprietary methods for generating consistently exceptional customer satisfaction and company productivity. How can we help you?

Our clients say it best

We had a call center in Miami, and weren't satisfied with the service. I was looking to migrate away. I felt Neal and his team were fabulous. In my book, if we could have I would have moved it all there. They did a better job. They had better quality agents, period. Our flows were good, our costs were already competitive with our incumbent, and if I had moved more volume we probably could have had a better deal."

There are different personality types in the call center world; however at Callzilla, you will always find individuals that are excited to work with you. Sometimes a campaign doesn’t work out how you hoped it would, but management is always quick to learn from mistakes and correct them."

It has been an absolute pleasure working with CallZilla for more than 10 years. Any company should expect success after partnering with Callzilla."

Callzilla’s management team was responsive, responsible, and a joy to work with. The management team also provided valuable customer insights and was a great communication bridge to the customer service agents."

For more than ten years, we have relied upon Callzilla to be the voice of our company. Our campaign is unique in that a representative has to be a skincare consultant, salesperson, and retention specialist… and more. At first, Callzilla was our ‘Spanish calls only’ call center, but they have become much more than that since. Each representative becomes a specialist, an expert on our products, our promotions, and especially our procedures, and is able to become an extension of what our company wishes to accomplish. These accomplishments have been easy to track over the years as we have seen Callzilla improve in retention percentage, CSAT scores, and of course, sales, because they have to tools to make the difference. We don’t have ‘Customer Service’ with Callzilla - we have ‘Customer Care’ and Callzilla makes sure each customer is cared for each and every time!"


Compare Callzilla to onshore, nearshore, and offshore providers

Callzilla surpasses onshore, nearshore and offshore providers on Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and First Call Resolution. Why? One reason is that every representative and supervisor here has incentives and support to achieve specific Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution scores -- and wins recognition when they do. So while most other contact centers churn through agents, we are the opposite. Those on the front lines interacting with your end customers are mature, skilled and motivated. We use a 9 step hiring process, 3 week initial immersion, client-specific training, and 1:1 coaching to ensure consistently exceptional interactions with your customers.

Badges_.Cust_2016_TRANSP_b.png"Each year, our MVP Quality Awards go to contact center industry companies that have delivered a consistent, unparalleled commitment to quality, excellence and the highest ethical standards. The leading innovators in the industry.” -Customer Magazine, describing recipients of 2016 MVP Quality Award

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