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Speech Analytics is the process of transcribing and analyzing recorded calls to highlight valuable intelligence. Callzilla's Speech Analytics Platform analyzes 100% of our recorded calls, three times each per day. This tool allows for efficient and accurate call monitoring, and gives important insight on each call and the program as a whole.

We indicate to the system which "moments" we want it to capture while transcribing and anlyzing call recordings. Each moment is made up of key words and tones of voice that we want the system to recognize and flag in each interaction. The platform offers recommended moments, but they can be customized as well. You can view your program's moments in each call recording, or as overall metrics in Observe.AI's reporting dashboard. Since the technology transcribes voice to text, you're also able to view each recording as a transcript, or download the recoring to listen in normal or 1x speed. Observe.AI is PCI compliant, customer's private data is safe and secure within the system.

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A uniform and calibrated analysis of each caller interaction, since the analysis process is not subject to human bias. Since the system flags moments for us, this leaves your Quality and Training teams to focus on driving results and providing feedback. With Speech Analytics, you're able to target a metric that needs improvement and identify patterns that may not have been perceived through manual evaluations of a percent of your calls.

For a more detailed overview of our Speech Analytics platform and how we utilize it, check out our blog post:


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What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is the extraction and analysis of data transcribed from various audio recordings. This data is used in various ways to help improve customer satisfaction and implement new business models.

What are speech analytics tools?

Speech analytic tools are utilized to extract and analyze data from audio recordings. This data is then analyzed to obtain intelligence that can be used to improve both customer experience and agent performance.

Who benefits from speech analytics software?

Customers benefit from the use of speech analytics software as the data can be used to ensure quality customer interactions, improve agent performance, and ensure customer satisfaction. Agents benefit from the use of this software as it provides companies the ability to improve agent training and increase efficiency within the call center.

How will companies benefit directly from speech analytics software?

Businesses benefit from speech analytics software as it allows for the opportunity to evaluate current business plans and potentially adopt improved plans to improve the customer experience. This software can quickly and effectively analyze large point of specific data to meet the interests of each individual business, providing large points of customer sentiment and interaction insight that has been difficult to fully access before.

Why is post call analytics important?

Post call analytics provides insight into the process of each call and works to categorize the satisfaction of the customer at the conclusion of the call. These call center speech analytics are a great way to provide and measure quality assurance to identify issues within the calling process and improve customer service.

Why is transcription important?

Transcription is the process of taking the spoken word in audio recordings and turning them into written words. This is integral in the analysis process as it is much easier to analyze and organize large data points this way.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is the programming of computer systems to perform various tasks.

How is artificial intelligence used within a call center?

Artificial intelligence is used in call centers to perform real time speech analytics and provide fast customer solutions by scanning complaint databases and identifying issues within customer interactions. AI can also be utilized to inform customers about various products and services.

What is an example of artificial intelligence?

A chat bot is a good example of this. The AI software can analyze customer responses and questions within the chat to suggest the services that fit the customer need the most.

What are moments?

Moments are specific pieces of information extracted from a call. Moments are created utilizing key words for a tool to recognize and flag.

Why are moments an innovative solution?

Moment allows for the analysis of all customer interactions instead of just a fraction which was previously allowed. This allows for a large sample to determine customer satisfaction and improve growth plans and KPIs.

What is a Satisfaction Moment?

Satisfaction moments are pieces of information that our AI system pulls by detecting key words regarding customer sentiment. Companies can utilize these moments to determine what strategies are working and what strategies are not when it comes to customer interaction and satisfaction

What is customer sentiment?

Customer sentiment is a measurement of customer feelings, opinions and attitudes. Knowledge of customer sentiment is integral in ensuring companies are reaching the right people in the right way. These sentiments can also be used to help develop and update new and old products and services.

Why do we offer custom moments?

Custom moments allow businesses to input their own keywords and create their own “moments” to analyze audio that is specific to their business goals and needs. Offering custom moments allows companies to set their own standard and evaluate the data that is important to them.

Why is customer sentiment important?

Customer sentiment is crucial for any business. Monitoring the way people feel about your business and adjusting accordingly is an integral part of customer relations and customer satisfaction.

What is script compliance?

Script compliance is the agent adherence to a set plan of customer interaction when receiving or instigating customer contact.

Why is script compliance important within a call center?

Script compliance ensures there is an equal and set customer engagement standard. Customers benefit from script compliance as they will not be surprised by what an agent has to say and should not have to wait while an agent thinks of what they should do next. Agents benefit from script compliance as, should they follow a script, they should have the answers for customers right away and the call should be able to move along efficiently.

How are KPIs utilized?

Key Performance Indicators are utilized to track progress toward a planned result. KPIs are beneficial in determining the effectiveness of various business plans and outcomes. Our speech analytics software is a great tool for tracking KPIs as specific moments can be utilized to track customer satisfaction regarding specific company goals

What is the purpose of a Quality Analyst?

Quality Analysts (QA) review post call transcripts and recordings to input feedback and agent evaluations to improve training and call center performance. Quality Analysts will also focus on calibrating the system to ensure it is functioning and updated.

What is an FTP?

File Transfer Protocol is a standard protocol used to transfer files from a server to a client on a computer network. The model provides separate secure data connections between the server and the client.

Why is it important to be PCI compliant?

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance ensures the security of credit card information and provides standards to protect credit card data. PCI compliance means customers do not have to be concerned about theft when providing credit card information.

Why choose Callzilla?

Callzilla utilizes the most up to date software and provides individual insights regarding each businesses individual company goals. Callzilla is a quality first call center solution that focuses on improving the customer experience by allowing businesses to view the inner workings of every customer interaction.