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Voice analytics


Speech Analytics is the process of transcribing and analyzing recorded calls to highlight valuable intelligence. Callzilla's Speech Analytics Platform analyzes 100% of our recorded calls, three times each per day. This tool allows for efficient and accurate call monitoring, and gives important insight on each call and the program as a whole.

We indicate to the system which "moments" we want it to capture while transcribing and anlyzing call recordings. Each moment is made up of key words and tones of voice that we want the system to recognize and flag in each interaction. The platform offers recommended moments, but they can be customized as well. You can view your program's moments in each call recording, or as overall metrics in Observe.AI's reporting dashboard. Since the technology transcribes voice to text, you're also able to view each recording as a transcript, or download the recoring to listen in normal or 1x speed. Observe.AI is PCI compliant, customer's private data is safe and secure within the system.

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A uniform and calibrated analysis of each caller interaction, since the analysis process is not subject to human bias. Since the system flags moments for us, this leaves your Quality and Training teams to focus on driving results and providing feedback. With Speech Analytics, you're able to target a metric that needs improvement and identify patterns that may not have been perceived through manual evaluations of a percent of your calls.

For a more detailed overview of our Speech Analytics platform and how we utilize it, check out our blog post:


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