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Patient-centric compliance and wellness programs

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Nearly 50 percent of people following prescription medication regimens don’t adhere to their physicians’ recommendations, leading to more than $47 billion related hospital visits and $177 billion in direct and indirect costs to the economy each year.

What’s required today are fresh and innovative solutions that address the deep-seated causes of patient non-compliance.

Callzilla's multidisciplinary approach to reversing patient noncompliance revolves around the three participants of a successful prescription medication regimen: the patient, the physician and the pharmaceutical companies. Our goal is to help these participants make up a cohesive team, with each one playing a key role in producing a favorable outcome.

That’s because the members of the team are like pieces of a puzzle – they each have to be present and work together to create a complete picture. Our objective is to give the team members the education and communication-based tools they need to be effective as a whole.

These days, doctors are inundated with medication options for their patients. However, while the medications they ultimately choose to prescribe may alleviate symptoms, they may not encourage compliancy because patients don’t understand how they work and why they’re the best choice. And if the pharma company doesn’t have the right educational initiatives and materials in place to help physicians impart the most informative and applicable information, then patients will not feel educated or empowered about their regimens, resulting in prescription noncompliance. It’s a unique balancing act that, until recently, has received little attention.

Today, Callzilla gives structure to this balancing act with the following products and services, which are designed specifically for the members of the “medication education” team:

Physician Communications

services that provide physicians with the tools to support their patients and foster compliance including Centricidad Detailing services, Physician Consults, and Brand Extension Communications.

Patient Communications

including the groundbreaking TerzettoCare Solutions, a patient compliance and behavior modification program based specifically on Centricidad’s total patient experience concept.

Pharmacy Programs

a suite of pharmacy-based services that allow doctors and patients to be notified or learn about medication stocking issues, recalls or changes to certain products and locations with prescriptions in stock.

Managed Care & Wellness Programs

customizable programs to help members of the “medication education” team look at the big picture and develop a comprehensive strategy to support patients during their treatment programs.

Together, these leading-edge resources encompass the total patient experience and .make patient compliance not only a possibility, but also a reality.

If you are seeking successful strategies for patient compliance, contact us today.