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Monitor social media interactions and support customers in real-time with Callzilla

Trust Callzilla to Monitor and Engage with Shoppers and Customers over Social Media

Customer service isn't just answering calls and emails. Callzilla is adept at engaging via social media, providing customer support via live chat, configuring SMS texting, conversing via email, and more.

Rapid Response is Critical on Social Media Channels

Because social media is public, rapid response is critical whether the mention is positive or negative.We focus on Facebook and Twitter channels, but can also include Google Plus, Snapchat and Periscope if you are in search of additional reputation management on these channels.

Empathy & Authenticity of Our Support Agents are Key

Along with speed, authenticity is absolutely essential; and that's where contact centers with seasoned, articulate customer support agents shine. The Callzilla Talent System™ is a proprietary talent acquisition and retention method yields 3-4x longer employee tenure than average contact centers. It's effectiveness is evident our industry awards, which include CCW's Best Manager Award and ICMI's Top CustServ Agents list.

Emphasis on training and quality assurance enables us to ensure our agents perform and execute their tasks as expected. Our quality assurance processes strictly monitor and evaluate what agents say and do and act as a filter and benchmark to lift overall social media customer support results.

Moving from Public to Private

Sometimes it's in our client's best interests for a conversation to move from the public social media setting to a live chat. To prepare for that, Callzilla has the capability of deploying our own live chat software or using existing third party software.

We can install software on websites, landing pages, mobile apps, widgets, and any other environment to facilitate real-time connection with existing or potential customers.

Post-Chat Surveys

Callzilla also conducts post-chat surveys to evaluate the customer's experience. Just as with other channels, we track abandon rates, hold times, resolution and similar metrics. This data helps your team gauge our success while we support your customers, and manage your reputation on Social Media.


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