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Outsourced email Support services

Getting email support right is still essential to overall top notch customer support

Improve customer experience quality by outsourcing email support to Callzilla

It's not hard to find an outsourced contact center that offers email service, but quick response time and resolution-based email service are rare.

Callzilla applies proprietary systems to deliver consistently high quality email support to end customers. It requires authenticity, speed, and accuracy (see examples below). As with other services, we measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction and closely related KPIs.

Prepared, quick, and empathetic

Authenticity in email responses requires having experienced, knowledgable agents who can adapt templates to varying needs. The Callzilla Talent System™ is a proprietary approach to talent acquisition and retention that yields 3x longer tenure than the industry standard

Speed is essential, both to ensure the customer knows you're responsive and to prevent second contact--which can lead to a backlog of tickets. The industry standard is to respond to email messages within one to three business days. Callzilla responds within six hours.

Sloppy spelling and poor grammar reflect poorly on your brand. The Callzilla Quality System™ helps ensure that the communiations we send are grammatical and concise.



Broadcaster outsources email support to Callzilla, cuts average response time from 72 to 3 hours

A global sports media network needed a contact center for the first time to handle inbound customer care in English and Spanish for their live-streaming platform. 

Customers in the United States and Canada subscribe to the service through their cable TV or satellite TV operators. But for customer care —technical support, troubleshooting, help desk, account management, password reset, and billing questions — they contact Callzilla through information provided on the client website.

Within 90 days, this client's average email response time decreased from three days to three hours and email volume dropped by half because customer issues were responded to and resolved more quickly.

Callzilla also helped the company grow from email-only service by adding phone and live chat channels. The additional channels allowed customers to receive quicker responses through the channel they prefer. Soon Callzilla will be expanding its services to this client by adding sales support.

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