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Callzilla Omni-channel services

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Tap Callzilla to add interaction channels such as live chat, SMS texting, and improved IVR

If you're like many clients we have worked with, you may handle sales and customer support primarily by phone and email -- and have found that to work quite well for quite some time.

If that is you, we respect your accomplishment. Getting sales and customer care  right on even one channel is an achievement.

But in 2017 and 2018, it may not be enough. Your customers are interacting with brands that offer instant password resets via SMS text; intuitive IVRs that quickly route them or offer a call-back option; 24x7 live chat options, and more.

Callzilla is here to help you meet and exceed customer expectations. We have helped dozens of top brands:

  • Add live chat as an option for shoppers and customers
  • Introduce fast and friendly self-service options to serve the growing segment of customers who prefer them
  • Tune in to social media buzz about their brand and, as needed, engage with those sharing their experiences
  • Design programs using pre-recorded voice messages
  • Upgrade dated and frustrating IVRs, and more

Adding channels and staffing them with top shelf agents is easy when you work with Callzilla... and it can make a big difference to sales, retention, and reputation.



Broadcaster hires Callzilla for customer support, slashes average response time

A global sports network was taking an average of three days to respond to customers' emails. Within 90 days of hiring Callzilla, average response time dropped by 96%.


Pharma clients outsource to Callzilla, improve adherence from 16% to 88%

Pharmaceutical clients needed to improve patient adherence. Callzilla communicated with 2,300 practitioners and 33,000 patients, and adherence rose from 16% to 88%.


Retailer changes its contact center to Callzilla; sales conversions and AOV rise 

A cosmetics company needed to reduce call and cart abandons and raise average order value. To help them do it, Callzilla focused on improving the customer experience.

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