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Award-winning contact center services in four languages

Serving English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, French-speaking, and Portuguese-speaking customers

Nearshore contact center services in four languages

Callzilla offers customer experience-focused contact center services in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

Callzilla is a full service contact center service provider focused on helping leading brands acquire and care for English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, French-speaking, and Portuguese-speaking customers. We offer omni-channel, customer experience-focused customer care, customer service, customer acquisition, and business process outsourcing services.


"The best customer and agent experience"

Since 2005, Callzilla has handled millions of interactions for clients in a variety of consumer-facing industries. In 2017, Callzilla won International Customer Management Institute's award for Best Outsourcing Provider, which recognizes "outsourcing partners demonstrating the best customer and agent experience, tangible evidence of consistently meeting or exceeding key performance objectives."

Clients leverage Callzilla for:

Nearshore model offers the best value 

Callzilla has two main locations. Our headquarters are in Miramar, Florida and our main contact center facilities are located in Bogota, Colombia. Callzilla’s expert team includes many hundreds of workstations in a high quality, training and QA-focused environment. Callzilla offers 24/7/365 contact center services, helping companies acquire and care for their customers. Features available to Callzilla clients include: phone, SMS, live chat, social media engagement and monitoring, IVR, voice broadcast, email, video chat, and non-voice BPO services.

Customers are vocal about experiences

According to the International Customer Management Institute, 81% of customers who struggle with solving their problems spread negative sentiment. Callzilla aims to offer each end customer their language and channel of choice, in order to foster satisfaction and loyalty for clients.

Callzilla case studies show client ROI

To provide Callzilla clients and their customers with omni-channel access and optimal customer experiences, we follow industry best practices for training, quality assurance, and engagement. Our flexible live agent and automated solutions aim to improve the overall customer journey with optimal customer satisfaction scores. See these case studies for examples:


Software Firm Improves Call Conversions from 2% to 16% with Callzilla

A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.


Callzilla Boosts Auto Seller's Direct Response ROI

An auto reseller's contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla outperformed its predecessor across the board.


Commercial Lender Extends Funding Offers 30% Faster with Callzilla

A merchant lender was disappointed with performance at its India-based contact center. Callzilla cut turnaround time on its offers by 30% and improved accuracy by 20%.

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