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Nearshore Contact Center Solutions

Comprehensive nearshore call center solutions from Callzilla, a full-service contact center ranked among the world's best in 2015, 2016 and 2017 by ICMI, Customer® magazine, CCW and others.

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Experience the benefit to your business with customer care outsourcing & support from Callzilla

In today’s fast paced world, customers have become increasingly reliant on real-time support for the products and services they utilize, but providing this level of support and issue resolution can be difficult for a company to maintain long term. Whether your motivation is to decrease overhead costs, increase the efficiency of your internal team, or to simply off-load your current support functions to a nearshore partner, Callzilla has the expertise to deliver. See the many ways Callzilla can offer support to your customers & help you overcome the internal hurdles often linked to providing that support. 

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Customer Care & Technical Support

Choose Callzilla's award winning agents to handle phone calls, emails, live chat, SMS text messaging, social media monitoring and more with your customers and shoppers.


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Business Process Outsourcing

Leverage Callzilla's skilled data reps to handle high-volume back office tasks with speed and precision. Process, input, migrate, and transcribe data with Callzilla’s BPO services.


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Surveys, Appointment Setting & More

Callzilla's seasoned reps can skillfully conduct customer surveys, set appointments, extend special offers, request contributions or bill payment, and invite participation in events.


Inbound Call Center Support Services

Have Callzilla handle your business' customer phone calls. Callzilla excels in interacting via phone in the context of customer service, customer retention, technical support, help desk services, account management, billing support, product returns, and surveys.

Get Inbound Call Support

Implement Support and Staff for Your Live Chat Channel 24x7

Callzilla has the capability of deploying our own live chat software or using existing third party software. We can install software on websites, landing pages, mobile apps, widgets, and any other environment to facilitate real-time connection with your existing or potential customers. We can also can conduct post-chat surveys to evaluate the customer's experience. Just as with other channels, we track abandon rates, hold times, resolution and similar metrics. See how live chat support can change your customer service model!

Implement Live Chat Support

Social Media Monitoring & Customer Interaction

Because social media is public, rapid response is critical whether the mention is positive or negative. We focus on monitoring your business' Facebook and Twitter, but can also include Google Plus, Snapchat and Periscope. See why monitoring the mentions of your brand on social media should be a part of your customer service model.

Start Monitoring Your Social Channels

Email Support Services

It's not hard to find a contact center that offers customer service and support via email, but quick response time and resolution-based email services are rare. Callzilla applies proprietary systems to deliver consistently high quality email support to end customers. It requires authenticity, speed, and accuracy. As with other services, we measure our success in terms of customer satisfaction and closely related KPIs. Could your customers benefit from an email support channel?

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Automated & Self-Service Customer Support Services

Some customer interactions are very basic, such as resetting passwords or receiving appointment confirmation. Automation can get it done quickly. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR), for example, can be as simple as a "welcome and hold" messaging, or it can be used for self-service. Whatever form of IVR you need, we make it a friendly experience that encourages callers to wait or transact instead of hanging up.

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Pre-recorded Voice Message Distribution

Do you have something to say to your customers? Pre-recorded messages are a great, low-cost way to give customers time-sensitive information and to pre-qualify prospects. They are also effective in collections, win-backs and contacting donors.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Are you looking to accelerate back office processes like data entry? Available 24x7, Callzilla helps prepare, qualify, process, and submit, financial transactions, applications, medical transcriptions, and medical records in secure, compliant platforms. Utilize our nearshore BPO team to complete tasks that are consuming the time of your key employees. 

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Selected by 100+ top brands

Global brands from every industry choose Callzilla solutions, often switching from offshore call centers and US contact centers. For example, when a global sports network's customer care function was averaging three days to respond to customers' emails, they turned to Callzilla. Within 90 days of hiring Callzilla, average response time dropped by 96%.

In another case, an auto reseller's offshore contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla was converting many more direct response advertising calls to appointments.

A top language-learning software company was working with another call center, but saw that its call conversions and order value were lagging the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the incumbent center and replaced them. Among other changes, call-to-sale conversions rose from 2% to 16% in 6 months.

“Extremely insightful, experienced, client focused executives who know how to turn stalled campaigns into success stories! An instrumental actively engaged partner in helping me launch [brand]’s flagship product [product]®. I strongly attest to Callzilla’s expertise and capabilities as a call center service provider.”

Executive Director/ Customer Experience, skin care producs subsidiary of Fortune 50

Understanding your goals and challenges

Each client starts from a different point. If you have pinpointed a problem in sales, customer service, or a business process, educate us on the issues. Or, if you need help to track down the root cause of unsatisfactory KPIs, we'll start there. We thoroughly interview our client before recommending a strategy, and collaborate with you to design the solution.

Focusing on appropriate KPIs

How do you measure success? What will you need to see in reports, to gauge performance? In general, we emphasize first contact resolutin (FCR) while implementing a thoughtful customer approach to provide real solutions.

Fees, cost structure, and projected value

Callzilla clients can have dedicated agents, shared agents, or both if needed. We strive to quantify the value we bring relative to our fees.

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