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Many customers prefer live chat over a phone call when it is time to resolve their issues with your product or service. Live chat support can quickly resolve their issues

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Quick and Effective Live Chat Support Outsourcing

live-chat-support-outsourcingHelp your customers in real time through live chat support—all while gathering robust analytics on the interactions the Callzilla team has while providing support.

As our global culture changes, many customers have come to prefer the real-time resolution that only live chat support can offer. Customers like the shorter wait times compared to speaking with an agent on the phone. We offer live chat support in both English and Spanish, and can provide that support 24/7 around the clock.

Callzilla has the capability of deploying our own live chat customer support software to help assist your customers. Callzilla can also assume ownership of your existing live chat software, and use it to provide quality nearshore live chat support.Since valuable information can be gathered about your product and or service during a support call, Callzilla can conduct post-chat surveys to evaluate your customer's overall experience. Customer metrics are not the only reporting you can expect when outsourcing with a nearshore partner like Callzilla. Like any other channel, we track customer support engagement metrics like abandon rates, hold times, resolution and similar metrics to help you gauge the value of the support Callzilla provides.



Auto seller challenges Callzilla to convert more direct response calls to appointments

An auto reseller's contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla outperformed its predecessor across the board.


Retailer changes its contact center to Callzilla; sales conversions and AOV rise 

A cosmetics company needed to reduce call and cart abandons and raise average order value. To help them do it, Callzilla focused on improving the customer experience.


Software firm chooses Callzilla, sees call conversions rise from 2% to 16% in 6 months

A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.

"90% of U.S. households contain at least one of these devices (smartphone, desktop/laptop computer, tablet or streaming media device)... and nearly one-in-five American households (18%) are “hyper-connected” – meaning they contain 10 or more of these devices."

- Pew Research

"The right partners that truly embrace our philosophy"

“At a company our size, we really have to be very strategic about our partnerships. We want to make sure that we're picking the right people, that we're getting the right partners that truly embrace our philosophy. Callzilla was one of the first call centers to come along and actually embrace all of our philosophies. They took it right down to the details at the individual agent level."

Director/Customer Experience, Cosmetics Company

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