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Callzilla's e-learning platform allows staff to access training tools at any time, from anywhere. All Callzilla training courses and material are housed in our virtual training hub, which makes for organized and efficient learning. When new agents are onboarded, they receive a login to this platform, where they can complete their training courses in our self-sufficient environment. We of course have trainers available to assist any time, but Agents are given autonomy to complete their training at their own pace, and we're able to track progress and set timelines.

We selected Cognos as our e-learning tool for the vast features it provides. We were able to create a custom platform with everything Callzilla needs to efficiently train our teams, stay organized, and also provide continuous learning opportunities.

  • Upload training videos and material in PDF, PPT, or word, similar to a Google Drive.
  • Create and upload interactive courses.
  • Access from any device, quick mobile access through a QR Code.
  • Change the language of the platform for language specific training.
  • Earn certifications after completing a course, which are visible to all admins.
  • Track your course schedule through your personal e-learning calendar.
  • Smart technology suggests courses through your career center based on your job profile and completed courses.
  • Receive push notifications through the platform from admins.

For a more detailed overview of our E-Learning platform and how we utilize it, check out our blog post: