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Voice services from Callzilla

When we answer inbound calls, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience, resolve the issue on the first try, and make the customer satisfied.

Every agent and supervisor has target Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution scores and the training, coaching, tools and environment they need to achieve them. They get prizes and recognition when they hit their goals.

Learn more at the Callzilla Customer Care Solutions page.

The Callzilla difference

Callzilla's hiring, training, and quality monitoring are designed to ensure each technical support and Help Desk call is expertly handled. Instead of aiming for a cost-per-call number, Callzilla tends to focus on resolution-per-contact, cost-per-resolved contact, and cost-per-satisfied contact. That puts a premium on the customer's actual experience instead of minutes and seconds.

So instead of reading from a script, Callzilla agents actively listen, authentically relate, and adapt. We train and coach for empathy in to retain your customers. Each mission-critical task has its own line item and is scored individually. We evaluate on the basis of individual tasks, each individual agent, shifts, campaigns, programs, and more. The granular data enables us to continually optimize.

View examples at the Callzilla Customer Care Solutions page.

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"They compare & want to be on top"

“One of the great things about Callzilla is that at an agent level, even, they have a very competitive spirit. Whenever there's a challenge put before them, they always want to be the one that takes first place. They compare themselves to the other centers and want to be on top. That almost guarantees that they will be on top! I love that competitive spirit.”

- Customer Experience Manager, Health & Beauty Products Maker

How can we help you?

Our proprietary systems have helped 100+ top brands gain a competitive edge... and enabled us to win international recognition for consistent quality and results. How can we help you?

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Get in touch through this site or give us a call at 855-CLL-ZLLA.