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Customer support by Email

Resolve Customer Issues via the Email Channel

Email Support Solutions for Enterprise Clients

Customer support by email and outsourcing by phone are still core to customer care & support operations. Callzilla has helped 100+ top brands use the email channel to provide quality customer service. We bring over a decade of experience in supporting customers by email. Choose from dedicated agents, shared agents, or a hybrid of the two. Agents can be English-only, Spanish-only, or bilingual. Emphasis on training and quality assurance enables us to ensure our agents perform and execute their tasks as expected.

Versatile Email Solutions from Seasoned Support Agents

With Callzilla in your corner, you are uniquely equipped to handle changing customer needs. For example, initially a customer may get in touch to troubleshoot a problem they have with your products or services. The problem may be intertwined with giving feedback about their customer experience, questions about buying options, or other topics.

Each of those topics is an opportunity, and with Callzilla agents handling email support you can seize them.

Callzilla can also help you use email to request participation in surveys, offer loyalty discounts, and politely invite shoppers back to complete transactions with an abandoned cart email.

Quality Focused Interactions

Our quality assurance processes strictly monitor and evaluate what agents say and do and act as a filter and benchmark to lift overall results. As representatives of your brand, our agents deliver the level of care your customers expect, and have the skills to identify sales opportunities that deliver added value to your business.



Broadcaster hires Callzilla for customer support, slashes average response time

A global sports network was taking an average of three days to respond to customers' emails. Within 90 days of hiring Callzilla, average response time dropped by 96%.


Retailer hires Callzilla for technical support, sees FCR rise 20%, CPC drop 25%

A CD, DVD and book retailer added Callzilla to its roster of two existing contact centers. Callzilla outperformed the other centers on quality, performance and cost.


Retailer changes its contact center to Callzilla; sales conversions and AOV rise 

A cosmetics company needed to reduce call and cart abandons and raise average order value. To help them do it, Callzilla focused on improving the customer experience.

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