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Learn about outsourcing to the call center top ranked by ICMI, Customer magazine, and CCW

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Award-winning call center services from Callzilla

A great call center experience makes your brand look great; a poor call center experience can cause disaster. As an award-winning provider of call center services, Callzilla supplies the expertise and seasoned agent support experts your enterprise business needs to deliver world-class customer care and technical support to its end users.

Outsourced Customer Service and Technical Support

Use Callzilla as your outsourced customer Help Desk. Our support team can process customer inquiries and provide support on billing, product returns, and exchanges. The Callzilla teams can help support your customer service, customer retention, technical support, and account management efforts. Depending on clients' overall needs, we can also offer outbound telesales, surveys, and more. You’ll soon realize that providing a rewarding customer support experience can lead to an increase in account saves, and much more.

First Call Resolution & Customer Satisfaction

In many customer support engagements, improving customer satisfaction is best achieved by focusing on first call resolution (FCR). Callzilla trains agents to take a consultative approach to handling interactions, with emphasis on active listening and adapting to varying customer needs to provide real solutions. This depth of agent experience allows Callzilla to provide the high-quality level of customer support your customers have come to expect from your in-house team. Callzilla's three proprietary systems are the key to our consistency in producing better results than other nearshore call centers. Together, they have enabled us to delight clients and win international recognition in the customer support outsourcing space.nearshore-call-center-outsourcing-services

Dedicated Support Agents, Shared Support Agents, or a Blend of Each

Since every business has unique customer support needs, Callzilla allows you to choose from dedicated agents, shared agents, or a hybrid of the two. Agents can be English-only, Spanish-only, or bilingual. Data center and colocation facilities are located stateside in the Miami, Florida area, near our corporate offices. To provide customers with onshore level support at a nearshore pricing model, our contact center operates 24x7x365 in Bogota, Colombia.

We Measure Our Contact Center Success Based on Your Customers' Actual Experience

Instead of aiming for a cost-per-call number, Callzilla tends to focus on resolution-per-contact, cost-per-resolved contact, and cost-per-satisfied contact model of success. This method and focus put a premium on the customer's actual experience instead of minutes and seconds.

When our nearshore team answers inbound calls, our goal is to provide a great customer experience, resolve issues on the first try, and ensure the caller feels satisfied. Instead of reading from a script, Callzilla agents actively listen, relate, and adapt. We train and coach for empathy to help retain your customers.

Compare Our Services to Onshore Support While Maintaining a Nearshore Support Price

nearshore-call-center-outsourcing-services-2If you have questions about customer service outsourcing, something to keep in mind is that not all providers are created equally. Callzilla surpasses other onshore, nearshore, and offshore providers on Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and First Call Resolution. Why? One reason is that every representative and supervisor here has incentives and support to achieve specific Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution scores. Our front-line representatives and supervisors win recognition when they reach this level of support service satisfaction.

One of the first steps to achieving customer satisfaction is hiring the right call center outsourcing provider. While most other customer service outsourcing providers churn through agents, we are the opposite. Those on the front lines interacting with your end customers are mature, skilled, and motivated. We use a 9-step hiring process, 3-week initial immersion, client-specific training, and 1:1 coaching program to ensure consistently exceptional interactions while we support your customers.

"They had better quality agents. Period."

“Neal and his team were fabulous. If we could have I would have moved all our volume to Callzilla. They did a better job. They had better quality agents, period. Our flows were good, and our costs were already competitive with our incumbent."

CMO, U.S. Auto Reseller

Call Center Outsourcing Service Examples


Nearshore Callzilla goes head-to-head vs. offshore direct response call center

An auto reseller's contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla outperformed its predecessor across the board.


Software firm chooses Callzilla, sees call conversions rise from 2% to 16% in 6 months

A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.


U.S. telecom company hires Callzilla, sees First Contact Resolution rise 209% in months

A U.S. wireless carrier had been outsourcing to contact centers in the Philippines, India, Palestine, and Ohio. In 7 months, Callzilla outperformed all on first contact resolution.


After seeing Callzilla in action, retailer lets its other customer care provider go

An e-commerce apparel retailer tapped us for extra help during the holiday rush. In just 60 days, we outperformed their other center on QA scores and other metrics.


Media giant outsources top band's e-commerce customer care for the first time

A major music company asked Callzilla to support e-commerce and distribution for one of the most prominent bands in history. Callzilla upgraded their customer care within weeks.

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